Monday, 4 August 2014

Steel Pulse - Nyah Love 7"

The second single from Steel Pulse was released on Anchor records in 1977, and I'm sure if this had been released post their debut album "Handsworth Revolution" it would of been a hit. This is the single that got me into Steel Pulse, and if you haven't heard it before you're understand why. I'm not sure why they never tried to reissue it, when they did become more popular (does anyone know?). Their following releases were all on Island records, so maybe it was down to ownership.

The b-side is a traditional dub version of the a-side, even though I'm not a big dub fan, this one also works for me.

So give it a try and see whether you agree this should of been a hit.

Band: Steel Pulse
Label: Anchor
Year: 1977
1. Nyah Love
2. Luv Nyah

Ripped from very scratched vinyl

If you like this then your lucky as you can still buy both sides in a pristine rip from Amazon mp3 download here (although it does sound a little different - is it a re-recording?).

And if you haven't bought their classic debut album, you can still buy it here for £6:28:
Handsworth Revolution


Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary love Steel Pulse.

Longy said...

Me too. Cheers Gary. Hope you had a good holiday mate and I won't even mention Leeds :-)

garychching said...

Thanks Longy and anon. Yep Steel Pulse are classic.

Longy, I knew you wouldn't measure Leeds.

roberto said...

thanks,never been able to find this,my love for Steel Pulse starts in'79...cheers

garychching said...

Hi Roberto glad to help, a real gem this one.

Mona said...

I got to say thanks too. Bought this at the time and love the dub version. Nice one.
@Longy...jeez man you go around the web having a go at every other team apart from yr beloved Chelsea LOL!

garychching said...

Hi Mona thanks for the thanks.

Yep Longys taking the piss that Leeds beat Man United. Fair piss take actually.