Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Senate - The Original Sin 7"

So as promised here is the much improved 7" version, this one is just over 5 minutes long and a bit more faithful to the original. For some reason the 7" was released on Burning Rome records.

Not much more to add as it was all in the previous posting. So try it out and see what you think.

The flip side is again the "Theater Of Hate" classic "Do You Believe In The Westworld?", but this time its the studio version (which I can't believe anyone who likes any of Kirk Brandon's incarnations hasn't already got.

So leave a comment and tell ASFM whether you like this version or not.

Band: Senate
Label: Burning Rome
Year: 1984
1. Original Sin

Band: Theatre Of Hate
Year: 1982
2. Do You Believe In The Westworld?

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like "Senate", there's nothing left to find, however if you like Kirk Brandon, then I would recommend the following three classic albums. one from Theatre of Hate:

and two brilliant "Spear Of Destiny" albums (at last available on CD):
Grapes of Wrath
One Eyed Jacks


Anonymous said...

Yes, your right Gary, its better than the 12'' version. They just shouldn't of messed with a great song in the 1st place in my opinion. Thanks mate

PS If you haven't heard the new S.O.D. album (Imperial Prototype) I fully recommend it.


Anonymous said...

please people,i wanted band Red letters-sacred voices 1979,,,have it please!...take it asfm

Anonymous said...
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garychching said...

Hi anon don't know Red letters, but when I do the next ASFM request I will add it.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy, picked up the new SOD album today, v good, I thought Kirk had lost it, but it looks like he is back

eddie_macd said...

Sounds almost like a Dub version, so spacious. Good stuff.

garychching said...

Glad you like it Eddie, thanks for taking the time to comment