Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Senate - The Original Sin 12" Megamix

After "The Pack", there was "Theater of Hate".
After "Theater of Hate" there was "Spear Of Destiny". After "Spear Of Destiny" there was "Senate".

Mmmmm I'm not so sure about this Kirk Brandon incarnation. I loved everything Kirk Brandon did and rushed out to buy this 12" Megamix of an old "Theater of Hate" classic "Original Sin". Senate was a collaboration with "Kirk Brandon" and "Rusty Egan" (who was in the Rich Kids, Skids, Visage and DJ'd at Blitz).

I think this was the one and only collaboration of "senate" but if anyone knows of anymore leave a comment. Also leave a comment and tell ASFM what you think of the dance version of Original Sin. if someone had told me that they were going to use this track for a dance song, I would never of believed it. But here it is.

So what do you get? Well two 7 minute plus long versions of "Original Sin" with electronic drumbeats and lots of synthesizer additions which never really worked for me, however the 7" version of this is far better (I will post this next up). You also get a live version of "Theater Of Hates" classic "Do you believe in the Westworld?", I'm not sure where this was recorded (it was in 1982) but listen to the polite clapping at the end, made me smile.

Band: Senate
Label: WAR
Year: 1984
1. Original Sin
2. Original Sin (Version)

Band: Theater Of Hate
Year: 1982
3. Do You Believe In The Westworld? (live)

Ripped from glorious (and a bit too) scratched 12" vinyl


Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary. Appreciate this as I've have never heard it before. Having said that, I must admit I don't like it lol


garychching said...

Lol, excellent, Cheers Longy, I think you may prefer the 7" version. See what you think.

slimjack said...

I have been after this for YEARS! taped over the cassette is it was on.You are trully wonderfull, thankyou.

garychching said...

Glad to help Slimjack, enjoy.