Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sabotage - When The War Is Over

Now I had this one ready to go, but was beaten to the post by Longy on his new and excellent blog "Punk Friction". This was another donation from Stuart Blackaller and is the debut single from Sabotage and the first punk release from Plymouth (unless anyone knows any others). So as Stuart took the time to rip this and scan the covers and I had written this post, I thought why not post it here as well. So check out "Punk Frictions" post and try this one and choose whichever rip you prefer.

Sabotage were a four piece band, with Mark on vocals, Knobby on bass, Rod on lead guitar and Mike on Drums (its all on the back cover). According to Stuart this single did get airplay on the John Peel show, and he liked their second single (hopefully coming soon) so much that he offered them a session, but by then the bass player had left and they literally couldn't be bothered to keep going.

So what do you get, two tracks release on the Optimistic label in 1979. On the a-side you get "When the War Is Over", starts with a classic thumping drum beat and then the guitar riff, and an even more thumping bass (it sounds like Knobby the bass guitarist managed had control of the mixing desk). You even get a bit of echo on the vocals, what more could you want. The b-side "silently screaming" is another gem, not quite as good as the a-side but not far off

Band: Sabotage
Label: Optimistic
Year: 1979
1. When The War Is Over
2. Silently Screaming

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl.


Longy said...

Great rip Stuart - better than my effort. Thanks for posting Gary. I know John Peel played the 1st 2 songs on the Subterfuge EP too. I've got the mps of that with Peel talking at the end (albeit briefly)

I think thats the same Mike Vosper I used to "work" with in the Dockyard. He was even lazier than me!

davedistortion said...

brilliant! brings back memeories from nearly 30 yrs ago!
liked the Subterfuge EP so much - named our band after it.
Subterfuge demo on Nation On Fire.

garychching said...

Longy and dave, thanks for the comment. Sabotage were another first time for me (30 years too late)

Joanne said...

This is so weird, Rod's my dad! He'd be mortified if he knew he was on the internet :P

garychching said...

Lol - Hi Joanne excellent comment, made me laugh. Your have to show him, he will most probably like a lot of the music on here.