Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sabotage - Subterfuge EP

Another gem from Stuart Blackaller, Sabotage's second and final single is a four track ep again on Optimistic and released in 1980.

This is the one mentioned in the previous post, which impressed John Peel but by the time he offered them a session they had given up playing. Shame they didn't get to the Peel session, but hey two singles is more than many bands from this era achieved.

On this release the band has now grown to a five piece, Mark Davis is still on vocals, Mike Vosper still on drums and of course Knobby still on bass (looks like someone else is looking after the mixing desk this time) and then it looks a though Rod was replaced by Andy Sliwa on lead and Ritichie (no last name) joined on guitar.

So this EP consists of 4 tracks, all a-sides, and the tracks merge into each other so you need to play each side back to back if you want a smooth intro (I have included Stuarts original rips which have each track joined together as well as all four tracks separated for people who like to see them individually in iTunes - sad I know) . This is a much more accomplished recording, but in many ways I prefer the raw and rough recording of their debut single. But you can see why John Peel was taken by this. The stand-out track for me is "Cold Girl", I love the guitar riff and the way it merges in from "Standing Alone", so you try them and tell ASFM what you think of this EP (and of course leave a comment thanking Stuart for sharing this one).

Band: Sabotage
Label: Optimistic
Year: 1980
1. Standing Alone
2. Cold Girl
3. Subterfuge
4. Split Personality

Ripped from Stuarts glorious scratched vinyl.

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Longy said...

Gary and Stuart, what can I say? I'm delighted to hear this again after all these years of being turntableless!

I've had a right shitty day - train delayed doing up, district line closed from earls court to paddington, watched the crappiest game of football ever, had some polish c/** on a mobile to my right for 90 mins, care in the community right behind me spouting mindless bollox also for 90 mins, missed the 6 o clock train home and got delayed on the 7o clock too. Missed the majority of match of the day so shat out on seeing the gooners get stuffed and even my chinky was f****g cold!

So thank you very much for this!

Stuart I left you a message re SPQR,DS and Energi IQ on my Sabotage post as well mate.