Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Red Letters - Sacred Voices

Lot's of people have been looking for this one (and I can tell why now), and thanks to an anonymous post we have the a-side. Ripped from a vinyl copy of "Bloodstains across the UK Volume 2", you can also get it on the compilation "Kilt by Death: The Sound Of Oi".

You can find out all about "Red Letters" over at Punk77 here.

So the song, its excellent, I'm on about my tenth play now, and its definitely entered my list of faves, and now I want to hear the other two tracks (Shot in the dark and Science has the answer) from the b-side and anything else (if there is anything else) from "Red Letters".

Band: Red Letters
Label: Burning Bing
Year: 1979
1. Sacred Voices

Ripped from anonymous glorious vinyl.


Anonymous said...

hi,this single is very hard for sharing,dosnt have b side?it is so hard:(

Jimmy Jazz said...

hi gary. you really have a great site! i´ve found so much music i was searching for years.

perhaps you can help me: i´m still searching for
- the perfectors (the "YT502951D" single. or anything else)
- speedball ("No survivors" single)
only found single mp3s on punkmodpop that were so great.
please excuse my bad english.
bye, jimmy jazz

drpunkenstain said...

...to jimmy jazz;Perfectors you can find on Bored Teenagers comps,on same site you can buy CD's and belive me ,,it's really worthwile!
stay punk and keep the faith

garychching said...

Hi Jimmy Jazz you still looking for the perfectors? If so leave a comment and I will post them sometime soon.