Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Kleenex - Ain't You

Kleenex were a four piece all girl band from Switzerland. They were forced to change their name to 'LiLiPUT' when Kleenex the tissue giant threatened legal action (the same happened to Actifed (see earlier posting) - a trivia question for you experts - are there any other bands this that happened to?).

'Ain't you' was their first UK release on Rough Trade, although officially their first release was a 4 track ep in their native Switzerland which included this single plus two other tracks. This ep was re-released in 1984 on Sunshine records. I have to admit I bought this single because I liked the look of the bleached hair bassist Klaudia Schiff on the front cover, and was pleased to find that the music was as good as well.

The cover on Ain't you was a fold out poster in black and white, the EP that was re-released lazily using the same poster cover but added some colour (see the scans). I say lazily as the poster only has the track names for 'Ain't you' and 'Hedis' Head' and the EP has two further tracks that are not listed on the cover.

I have included both the Ain't you single and the two other tracks from the EP, so basically what you get is the original EP.

Band: Kleenex
Label: Rough Trade
Year 1978
1. Ain't You
2. Hedis' Head

Label: Sunrise
Year: 1984
1. Beri-Beri
2. Nice

Ripped from glorious scracthed vinyl:

If you like this then go and buy the double CD Liliput album, it has these 4 tracks posted plus 6 other Kleenex classics including their second single 'You'. Also a load more in there second incarnation of Liliput:


Anonymous said...

Ah the memories........truely brilliant stuff. I remember Heidi's Head actually being played at our school disco around 79ish. My sister was going berserk to it and the look on all the teachers faces was a picture!


Steve said...

Glaxi (Gla*xo) Babies was another name-changer.

Kleenex/Liliput were great! I was in Switzerland recently and all I could think about all day every day was Kleenex.

Robert said...

Danish Disneyland After Dark had to change their name to D.A.D. Pretty decent band, still around I think. Not punk though.

Kleenex, the first thing that comes to mind is the Generation X song from the debut album.
Robert - Stockholm

clintiguana said...

I wouldn't blow my nose in this record.

Nice one gary, i dont remember these, you learn something every day.

Lovely weather we are having, great for drying the washing on the line ;)

garychching said...

Thanks Steve and Robert.
Steve I remember Glaxo Babies now. The things you forget.
Robert not heard of your band before, but am not surprised they had to change their name. I also agree I immediately though of Generation X when I got this out of the box of records.

garychching said...

Hey Clint where have you been?, I walked (is that what you say) over to your blogs and you have been very quiet.
So Nuzz's Grundies are dry, excellent :-)

clintiguana said...

yes, life getting in the way of blogging, a bloody pain!

i did get into a routine where i was managing to post just about every other day and kept it going for about 18 months, then i stepped back a bit while i got my main website on line. since then i have been unable to get back into the 'habit'.... feel free to prompt me.

Anonymous said...

Kleenex were a great underrated band, a John Peel favorite of the 1970ies. unfortunately they couldn't make the offered Peel session because of some stupid labor law restrictions for non-European Union citizens :-(

garychching said...

Thanks Anon, I agree shame it didn't happen.

hdvns said...

Yes indeed, a goodie! Actually, I picked this up awhile ago over at Good Bad Music. He also posted the Liliput single (also brilliant), but sadly only one track. Thanks for the nice fold out cover scan!

garychching said...

Its funny you should say that I found the copy on Good Bad Music after I posted it. Oh well as you said at least people get to see the different covers.

Zer0_II said...

Thanks for recommending Kleenex. I'm checking them out now, and I'll be sure to give Liliput a listen soon afterwards.

Chris said...

This is great stuff! Thank you. I'll have to check out Liliput now.

Mr. Suave said...

Love your blog, thanks for sharing.

Red Cross had to change their name to Red Kross when the international aid conglomerate got their panties in a bunch because snotty punks were using their name.

Cheers, Mr. Suave

garychching said...

Hi Mr Suave, thank you for that and your comment. I've just added you to the blogroll nice site. I will playing your latest podcast in the car.

ALTCERF said...

Can you re-up the link for this pls? Thank you!