Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cuddly Toys - Astral Joe

From 'Raped' the controversial punk band (see earlier posting) to 'The Cuddly Toys', a change both in image and music. This was Cuddly Toys second single, and it's an excellent mix of punk and glam rock, which personally I love. If this doesn't get you dancing around your house nothing will. The b-side is a bit of a slow ballad type and doesn't work for me.

Although the label is Fresh records the back cover still quotes a Parole records production which is the label used for Raped (so they cleaned up the name and the label).

A bit of etching on both sides, on the a-side 'It's All Part Of growing Up.......'. Is this a message linked to them cleaning up their act? On the b-side '....and Breaking Up....... See Ya Suckers!!!'

Band: Cuddly Toys
Label: Fresh
Year: 1980
1. Astral Joe
2. Slow Down

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then buy this one for all their singles, plus a few other tracks:
The Best of the Cuddly Toys
The Best of the Cuddly Toys

or their debut album with a DVD too, Cor blimey!
Guillotine Theatre: +DVD
Guillotine Theatre: +DVD

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