Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Eddie and the Hot Rods - Teenage Depression

This was Eddie and the Hot Rods fourth single, and their best in my opinion. As I remember the Hot Rods were seen as more of a pub rock type band who slipped into the punk/new wave era. Not surprising when you see the cover of their album and listen to this song.

I 'm not sure if this single had a picture cover (mine didn't, and you can see my classy attempt at making my own - a bit punk don't you think?) if anyone has got it then please send me a scan and I will replace. The colour scan is from their album of the same name, which I have used to make this posting look a little more colourful.

Band: Eddie and the Hot Rods
Label: Island
Year: 1976
1. Teenage Depression
2. Shake

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then buy this, both these tracks are on, plus the original album and a couple of their earlier singles:

Teenage Depression

or if you just want the a-side (plus a few other bits then get this one):

Do Anything You Wanna Do


45 Revolutions said...

Their "Live At The Marquee" EP was literally a life-altering event for me. I thought: shit, I'm fucking HAVING THAT!

garychching said...

Hey 45 revs, I can understand that, it is an awesome EP, I have never tired of playing those tracks.

45 Revolutions said...

Nurse, the screens. I just listened to the DJ copy of this, and... WOW! the extended version of the "Gloria"/"Satisfaction" side is significantly better. Also, there's an edit on the A-side of the stock copies which is IMPORTANT. Everyone should find a copy of the DJ copy and check it out. WOW.

garychching said...

Hey 45 revs I have never heard of the Dj copy is this old or new?

45 Revolutions said...

Old. And there's something about it which is extremely important (well, in our little world...). The reprint of the '45 Revs' book (out in about a month) will tell all. It's pretty major. (Well, y'know...)

garychching said...

45 revs is that a shameless plug. :-)

45 Revolutions said...

Of course! T-shirts next - big picture of Mario on the front, reading the black 'Bible' version of the book.

garychching said...

I look forward to the sermon.