Tuesday, 5 August 2014

White Boy - Sagittarius Bumper.Sticker

Another donation from Bruce Rhodes and another one I have never heard of. This is 'White Boy's' debut single 'Sagittarius Bumper Sticker'. White Boy were from Washington DC and consisted of Mr Ott and Jake Whipp (rumored to be father and son group, does anyone know?) and was touted as the second punk record to come out of Washington. This single had multiple printings, but this one is the first print and was limited to only a 1000 copies.

This is one of Bruce's favorites from 1977, and I wasn't sure at first, but after a couple of plays it has started to grow on me. The a-side 'Sagittarius Bumper Sticker' is the stand out track. The b-side 'I Could Puke' made me laugh out loud at the ridiculous lyrics, and you know what this one is beginning to grow on me even more as I'm playing it now. This single had multiple releases, and if you follow this link you can see some of the less than complimentary reviews of their music. The Third track 'Disco Elephant' is only a few seconds long and has been left on the end of 'I Could Puke' so keep listening, although theres not much to talk about actually.

So try it out and leave a comment on what you think of 'White Boy'.

Band: White Boy
Label: Doodley Squat
Year: 1977
1. Sagittarius Bumper Sticker
2. I Could Puke
3. Disco Elephant

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:


Bruce R said...

Hi Gary,
Just read your comments regarding White Boy.

I cracked up laughing!!!! The reason I get into them, is because they're stupid!!

I personally always preferred the silly bands, as they seemed to have a tongue in cheek attitude and were having a laugh, which at the end of the day, if it brings a smile to your face then that's what it's all about.

There use to be a term called "Cod Rock"?, I think White Boy fit that term perfectly!

I've also got their 2nd EP which I'll send to ya at a later date if comments are positive.


fred said...

I was wondering when the punk collector crowd was going to start picking up on the genius of crazyman Mr Ott and his son Jake, who is helluva GREAT guitarist!

The first 3 singles are all great, why weren't they ever on Killed By Death lp? ESPECIALLY I Could Puke!

I remember hearing Ott was a rich guy printer who had a contract printing National Geographic? Or some other craziness about him owning a farm, inviting all his NY punk friends over for a blowout party (like Blondie & the Ramones), taking acid and driving his tractor into the house right through the wall? Can't even remember where I heard all this nonsense.

One of my White Boy records comes with Ott/Whipp poster! And he put out the first Jeff Dahl record, prior to Dahl moving to LA and fronting the Angry Somoans!

Sture Stafras said...

Man I used to have this single, picked it up for a few swedish kroner in the bargain bin somewhere. Me and my mates used to play this on repeat and loud as hell before going out to get pissed and puke on our way home. Ahh sweet memeories. Never thougt Id see it again. Makes me wanna PUUUUKEEE!!! But befre that get really really fakkin pissed!

garychching said...

Hi Bruce, yes please bring on the second single, I enjoyed that one.

garychching said...

Hi Fred, thanks for your comment and as usual you encyclopedic knowledge of this era.

Love the story about the tractor being driven through the wall. Even if it isn't I'm gonna believe it.

garychching said...

Hi Sture, thanks for the comment and glad to bring back some golden memories.

Joe Stumble said...

Sorry to get all grim, but you were looking for info on White Boy so here is the story on them....

Mr Ott aka James Kowalski was arrested and is currently serving 700 years for child molestation and child pornography. At the time of his arrest, it was considered the worst case of child sex abuse in local DC history.

They were DCs first "punk" act. I bought this for a quarter from a Bomp garage sale in the early 90s and loved it. I didn't know the story on Mr Ott until I read about it years later in the book American Hardcore.

Bruce R said...

Just read Joe Stumbles comment.

Went and had a nose around, and it's true.
Mr Ott (James Kowalski) apparently got done for possession of child porn and molestation in '93, and is serving 14 years.

Jake Whipp (Glenn Kowalski was his son.)

garychching said...

Hi Joe and Bruce, man he must of done some bad shit to get 14 years.

jove moix said...

thanks for white boy records! was very curious to hear this band and thanks to your great blog now i am able to enjoy their tunes. awesome!

garychching said...

Hi Jove thanks for the comment, much appreciated. The White Boy stuff is all down to Bruce Rhodes actually, if he hadn't sent it I also would never of heard it.

Anonymous said...

White Boy did indeed consist of a father and son duo: James and Glenn Kowalski aka Mr. Ott and Jake Whipp. Glenn is current in a band he fronts called 7 Door Sedan.

White Boy performed with many of the D.C. Punk groups of the era. Mr. Ott with his balding gray head would scream andwrithe...wearing a tuxedo.

All of the music scene in D.C. was shocked when the news of Mr. Kowalksi's pedophilia hit the news. He had lived in Kensington and Hyattsville and he worked at a printing plant over in College Park. While children hung around the house, playing with his own children, no one had a clue what Jim was up to.

When he was arrested a young boy in his neighborhood named Junior Burdinski was missing. He had ties to Mr. Kowalski who had done things for the child, apparently with the parent's knowledge. I believe he bought him a bicycle. Things like that. The usual "here's some candy." When the child went missing the police focused very early on Mr. Kowalksi, and as the investigation continued they found reams of child pornography in his home as well as another residence (I believe) in West Virginia where child sex parties would occur. They also tied him into a child sex ring out of Costa Rica.

Junior Burdinski has never been seen again. Rumors were rampant. He was taken to West Virginia and killed. He was taken to Costa Rica and passed around. The police grilled Kowalski for a long time about this child, and he would never tell them a thing...and hasn't to this day.

I have no idea if his son has remained in touch with his father. That's something you would have to ask him.

His father remains imprisoned. The Washington City Paper and Washington Post did a big story on this when it happened. It headlined television news nightly for weeks; the sobbing parents begging Kowalski to tell the police where their son was (and if dead, where his body was.) Most who knew him were appalled, not only by the illicit behavior (which even hardened criminals refuse to tolerate,) but by his unwillingness to spare the parents this grief of never knowing to save his own shameful skin.


If you want the full story, go out to Joe's Record Paradise in Rockville when owner Joe Lee is in residence and ask him. He knows the full story.

garychching said...

Hi Anon, phew thanks fr the detailed comment. Its a very sad and horrible story. But thanks for the updates and links.

Anonymous said...

man i`ve been looking for these tracks for years after a friend picked up the seven inch vinyl for the princely sum of 50 pence from a bargain bin just because the cover photos looked freaky!

would love to hear their other stuff.

absolutely horrified to read of the fathers crimes but thanks to you guys for the info

garychching said...

Hi Anon glad you enjoyed. There are three of the White Boys singles here, still missing a couple, and still looking.

We were also horrified when we heard of the crimes, not very nice at all.

Anonymous said...

He isn't serving 14 years as a pedophile (on multiple charges.) He is serving 700, yes 700, years in prison; i.e. He's never getting out.

garychching said...

Thanks anon, 700 years must be close to a record sentence. Anyone know what the longest ever sentence is?