Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Vertical Hold - Rubber Cross

Thanks to "English Paul" one of the earlier request posts (follow link if you want to see original post) "Vertical Hold" has been found.

I don't know anything about "Vertical Hold" and this is the first time I have been able to hear anything by them, and the good news, it's good. The stand out track for me is the b-side "Injustice" (which a minor warning this song is slightly clipped at the end, but it still doesn't stop it being brilliant) although "Rubber Cross" is a very close second. I have tried searching for info on "Vertical Hold" and have failed miserably, so if anyone can add any info, then please leave a comment.

This sounds like another band that I just can't quite put my finger on, so maybe one of you out there can identify who it is (is it "the Pack" without the Brandon vocals?)

Band: Vertical Hold
Label: VH
Year: 1981
1. Rubber Cross
2. Injustice

So one down, two to go, anyone got the other two singles?

Ripped from English Paul's glorious hissing tape from one of his friends glorious scratched vinyl


isksp said...

you got a great blog yourself...

i'll be happy to add you in my links


Anonymous said...

Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I say? You are the dogs bollox. 57475738774574 thank you's. Thank you Paul as well.


Anonymous said...

Just to add Gary. The band line up of Vertical Hold

Steve George - Vocals
Paul Fenlon - Drums
Mark Routledge - Guitar
Fred Previous - Bass

They were on their own record label (Vertical Hold Records) This one is VH 001

Oh and Rubber Cross sounds very like UK Decay in my humble opinion

Thanks again mate


garychching said...

Glad you enjoyed Longy.

Thanks to you for raising "Vertical Hold otherwise I would never of heard of them.

John Spithead said...

Is this the Vertical Hold who came from Romford? I used to vaguely know them There was a small 'alternative' scene there, largely focussed on 'The Rezz' - a shit-hole disco in a shit-hole town, but with many good times.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aswell as the above site, see page 77 of this months Record Collector (nov 2008, issue 255) for a small mention.

Anonymous said...

*issue 355

garychching said...

Hi John, I'd never heard of Vertical Hold, but thanks to the three comments from anon, we now can all find out a bit more.

garychching said...

Hi Anon, thanks for the extra info, much appreciated by me and I'm sure others who are interested.

Anonymous said...

A bit more info on this band in this months issue (357) of Record Collector. Page 79.

garychching said...

Thanks for that anon, always nice to get a bot more info