Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Venus and the Razorblades - I Want To Be Where The Boys Are

As promised in the earlier 'Venus' posting, here is their second single. If you did listen to 'Press Conference' the b-side of their debut single you would have heard them saying that they wrote 'I want to be where the boys are' for 'The Runaways', who did actually record it.

In my opinion this version is the best. This was a limited edition released on 'Spark'. I don;t know how many were released, but as you can see on the back cover this one is #1417.

The b-side 'Dog Food' is a little more Rock 'n' Roll, it's not bad.

I have found that 'Venus and the Razorblades' grow on you, so give them a couple of spins before you make a decision.

Band: Venus and the Razorblades
Label: Spark
Year: 1977
1. I Want To Be Where The Boys Are
2. Dog Food

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

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