Monday, 4 August 2014

Ultravox - Paradise Theatre, Boston: March 2nd 1979

Number two (of 5) and this one is from an FM radio show (London Wavelength Concert Hour), not sure why it's called London as its a US show (anyone know more?) and is therefore very good quality. So you're gonna like this one.

I think, I've said it all about Ultravox and John Foxx (I have some good Foxx live gigs coming soon to), so just get that link and listen to their brilliance.

I won't even ask for you to leave a comment, but it would be nice if you did.

Band: Ultravox
Year: 1979
Album: Live at the Paradise Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts, March 2nd 1979
1. Intro
2. Slow Motion
3. Hiroshima Mon Amour
4. Touch And Go
5. Artificial Life
6. Just For A Moment
7. He's A Liquid
8. Quiet Men
9. Blue Light
10. RockWrok
11. My Sex
12. Outro

Ripped from glorious (no hiss) FM radio (see comments for link)

If you like this, and you haven't got this, then go and buy their classic album Ha! Ha! Ha! here for only £3.49 - total bargain, get it:


garychching said...

You know what to do

roberto said...

every Ultravox-Foxx era posts are welcome,that's sounds very interesting...thanks!

garychching said...

Thanks Roberto. Three more Ultravox posts first, the John Foxx

Anonymous said...

THX CHICO !!! bon blog mon ami

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded a couple of times and it is damaged or something like that...

Anonymous said...

Hi! The fifth time it worked well.
Thank You.

arstider said...


My old computer broke down. Nothing lost so far.....
Have been installing the new one this weekend.

Think I have this one as well. But I'm not sure or if it's the radio show. If I remember right. They played one place two days and I have half the show from one of the days and the complete show from the other day.

Best wishes from Sweden

ps there can't be enough with Ultravox w/Foxx.

gorehound13 said...

I am from Boston and was at this show and tons of others.

Toxik Boys said...

killer punk blog

garychching said...

Hi anon (the Chico one) thanks for the compliment and comment.

To the anon with the download problems thanks for perservering, I get a lot of comments about downloads not working, but they usually do in the end - I don't know why they are so intermittent.

Hi Arstider, your memory is good, the next post is most probably the one you had. Hope you recover everything from you PC. Same happened to mine, I lost everything apart from my music - which was of course backed up.

You're a luck man Gorehound13, thanks for leaving a comment.

Hi Toxok Boys, thanks for the comment and compliment, I'll check out your blog when I get a moment,

Anonymous said...

Dear Gary,

Remorse, recognition and residual redemption ...

No, not just the tone of the voice

(and yey! he's the best, and this is a real cracker gig)

but, tonight, in discovering that after so many months, it is time for you to take time ..

belatedly, many thanks indeed.

There is so much I should have contributed earlier to thank you for all those
raucous, scratchy and irreplacable short, sharp shocks.

They kept my heart beating, and yours too, I know.

Having been involved in radio engineering and transatlantic radio rights 76-79, an answer to your question:

"FM radio show (London Wavelength Concert Hour), not sure why it's called London as it's a US show (anyone know more?)"

Pre-digital era, a high-capacity dedicated transatlantic cable carried BBC radio broadcasts to the US syndicated radio market.

Besides this Ultravox (wah-hay, best line-up and FM pre-broadcast quality!!), the other key bootleg from the transatlantic pre-broadcast archives was the Jam at the 100 Club. A phenomenal performance at an (an!) historic moment recording (if ya need an upload, say so). Both are A++ as in no contamination of the pre-broadcast. Both have intros from DJ Joe Badriski. Say no more, guv.

Thanks for it all mate and good on ya,

Radio Engineer.

garychching said...

Hi Radio Engineer, thanks for your bery kind comment and also the extra info. Both very much appreciated.

I'll be back again sometime, maybe see you around some of the other blogs.

All the best, Gary

Anonymous said...

HI Gary, and indeed hope to meet ya around the web! Another of the London Wavelength BBC>USA broadcasts I forgot was Stranglers - 1980.10.21 Ritz, NY, just for your info. It's been around on the web for a while; if you need links, let me know here and all the best, Radio Engineer.

Jon S. said...

I was at this show. My girlfriend and I sat with the late Ben Orr (of The Cars) and his then wife Chris. Great memories.