Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Wasps - John Peel Sessions 78 & 79

One of my first posts was "The Wasps" debut single "Teenage Treats" which has always been one of my all time favorites. In that post I asked whether anyone had their two John Peel sessions, and guess what, after nearly a year a couple of people came up with the goods. So here they are for you.

Two sessions the first on the 22/02/78 was donated by Michael Lyons, and the second on the 20/02/79 was donated by some guy on soul seek, who I've lost his details (he had nice web site I'd like to find again), so if he reads this post, maybe he will leave a comment.

If you like the Wasps album and singles, you will love these sessions, as usual for a John Peel session they are a closer to a live recording, which I personally prefer. The first session has the brilliant "Teenage Treats" and an album fave "jjjjenny", and..... oh I can't be arsed to go through each track because there all excellent. So try them out and see what you think, and leave a comment.

Apologies for another gash home made cover.

Band: The Wasps
Recording: John Peel Sessions
Year: 22/2/78
1. Teenage Treats
2. jjjjenny
3. She Made Magic
4. Something To Tell You

Year: 20/2/79
1. Angelica
2. Rubber Cars
3. She's Alarming
4. This Time

Ripped from glorious (I don't know I never asked) ???

If you like this then your in luck you can still buy their excellent album:


Anonymous said...

Cheers Gazza. My Wasps collection only consists on one single so this is a welcome addition.


Fuzzy Warbles said...

Thanks for posting this! Their single is fantastic so looking forward to hearing these Peel sessions. Planning to get the Varuker Salt single (hehe) too.

garychching said...

Hi Longy wonder where you got that single from :)

garychching said...

Hi Fuzzy, you won't be disappointed by these sessions or Veruka Salt. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Great to hear this session again after so many years. Thanks.



garychching said...

Hi Kes, thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed. Gary