Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Skids - Masquerade 7" Double Single

As requested by Longy over at Punk Friction, here is 'The Skids', double single pack 'Masquerade'. This edition has two 7" singles in a gate fold sleeve. I think everyone knows Masquerade and unless you had this single or you bought the reissued copy of their second album 'Days In Europa' you won't know the other three. 'Aftermath Dub' as you would guess from the title is a kind of dub version of the main track 'Masquerade'

So hear they are, try them out and if you like them, then go and get their first tow albums, you won't be disappointed.

As the cover is gatefold I have also included both sides together as I guess that's how it's meant to be viewed.

Band: The Skids
Label: Virgin
Year: 1979
1. Masquerade
2. Out Of Town
3. Another Emotion
4. Aftermath Dub

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then the good news is all of the Skids stuff is still available, and I would recommend that you try out their classic first album Scared to Dance:
Scared to Dance
and their second album Days In Europa, which now also includes all of the four tracks on this double single:

Days in Europa


Longy said...

Thanks Gary. What a top man you are!

arstider said...

Thanks Gary. Agree with Longy.
Always liked this single, Skids is still one of my fav band.

Remember playing the first lp for a friend who only like heavy mental. He looked at the sleeve and said "....but this is good"

Best wishes from Sweden

garychching said...

we aim to please Longy.

thanks for the comment Arstider, how could anyone not like the Skids?