Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Members - Offshore Banking Business

The Members 4th single 'Offshore Banking Business' is a brilliant white reggae punk song (the 12" dub version is even better), and one that should be on everyone's playlist. What's even better about this single is the b-side which is a re-recording of their classic 2nd single 'Solitary Confinement' originally released on Stiff records. For me two of the best Members songs on one 7" ain't bad.

Solitary confinement in my opinion is the best Members song and one of the best punk songs recorded. I love the simple but clever play on words at the end of the song:

"on your own, by yourself, on your own by yourself, on your own by yourself"
"by yourself by yourself by yourself, by yourself"
"Buy Yourself this record"

I also love the different variations in the middle of the song, on this 7"version:

"Well I used to live in Camberly" "and I thought if I moved up to London, life would be very exciting for me" "you know because I'd go out at night and meet girls and things" "but nothing really happens around my neck of the woods" "except for this rather nice girl that lives across the way from me" "I tell you I got it sussed she's got a 40 inch bust and she's just just"
On the live version from Radio 1 in concert (also included in this posting) you get an amusing adlib from a stuttering young man with a slightly different theme:

"Well I used to live in Camberly right" "and I thought it'd be really great to move up to London"
"coz coz ccc... cccc... ccc... coz thats where it all happens init,"
"I mean, everywhere you go they say it all happens in London"
"I got this bedsit in earls court, near this pub right"
"and This pub was a bit weird right"
"coz all the blokes that go down there dressed like u-boat captains and stuff"
"They really looked like a motorcycle gang, but they ain't got any motorcycles"
"and they were friendly when I first went in there"
"till i realized they only liked me coz I was a young man"
"I don't go out much now"
"In fact I... I..... I..... don't go out at all"
"but theres this bird, this bird who lives across the way from me"
"and I tell you, I know she fancies me"
"I tell you I got it sussed she's got a 40 inch bust and she's just just"

Band: Members
Label: Virgin
Year: 1979
1. Offshore Banking Business
2. Solitary Confinement

Secret Bonus Track
3. Solitary Confinement (Radio 1 In Concert) Dodgy tape here, so if anyone has a better version, or any other versions of this leave a comment.

If you like this then you have to buy this excellent album, it has all three versions of the studio recordings of Solitary Confinement, and the 7" and 12" versions of Offshore banking Business, and also both versions of Sound of The Suburbs. This album was recently voted as one of the all time top 25 Punk albums by Record Collector:
At the Chelsea Nightclub
At the Chelsea Nightclub


Anonymous said...

I got tired of all the punk/new wave groups that tried to do reggae, as well as this there was the Clash,Stiff Little Fingers,Angelic Upstarts & the Police etc I never quite got why there were doing it.
Not a knock, just a personal opinion. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

True class. The Members always get me happy.
Robert - Stockholm

John Spithead said...

Bugger! You beat me to it on this one - The 12" is on my 'to be uploaded' pile. Was the picture on the front cover a sticker on the 7" version, too? I peeled mine off as a 13 year old (to put on one of my school books) and it's long lost.

Anonymous said...

I remember listening to that Members 'In Concert' at the time and taping it.
‘U- Boat Captains and stuff‘. Brilliant! Obviously a reference to the infamous Coleherne pub in Earls Court which is also name checked in the Stranglers song Hanging Around….Hmmmm.

garychching said...

Hi anon, thanks for your comment and no problem everyones entitled to their opinion. I kind of know what you mean, but as long as they do it well it still works for me.

garychching said...

Hi Robert, yep I agree they still make me smile, some of their lyrics are very witty, especially tracks like 'Phone In Show' excellent.

garychching said...

Hi John mine was the 7" version, so you should still post yours, especially as I am sure you get visitors that don't come to ASFM.

No there was no sticker on mine. Being obsessive I want to see the sticker now, anyone still got one?

garychching said...

Hi anon, thanks for the comment, another bit of trivia that adds to the story, I was unaware of the reference to an actual pub and that it was also name checked in the Strangers Hanging around.

A Dashing Blade said...

"I got tired of all the punk/new wave groups that tried to do reggae . . . "

Aaaaaarg! The punk/reggea tie up at the time was very strong (long story short) coming out Don Letts involvement + the fact that the Clash et al lived in and around the Notting Hill area

Rant over, sheesh . . . kids today etc

garychching said...

Ha ha ha, nice rant Mr Blade

jc carroll said...

Nice to see all this about my old Band the Members...

I have been recording with Nigel from the members recently

Theres an album called "The Rock is in the Lapt0p"
and one called New English Blues Volume I released under the Name JC Carroll


Once agin thanks for interest in my old Band

garychching said...

Hi JC thanks for your kind comment. I checked out some of your new bands stuff, the first part English Blues and really liked it. As soon as I get some time I will repost this, with some extra "Members" info I have found and also put a pointer to your link. All the best Gary