Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Evening Outs - Stammer

OK, calm down, don't get to excited, we only have 50% of the request for this one. When I got the email titled "Evening Outs mp3" from Steve (for those of you who don't know Steve, this is the guy that appears to know just about everything about any punk/new wave/powerpop/etc song from 1976-80) at Low Down Kids (if your looking for some rare songs you may well find them here) and 45 Revolutions, I thought at last the holy grail has been found, I nearly couldn't move the mouse to open it up and and when I did I found that Steve had sent the b-side "Stammer".

I downloaded it immediately, put it into my iTunes folder, added the track and listened, and I have to say I was disappointed, the track consists of some instruments being randomly played and a discussion on the topic of stammering over the top.

For those of you who don't know, "The Evening Outs" were an incarnation of "the Desperate Bicycles" so I was hoping for another "Smokescreen", but hey being a completist I was very grateful to hear it. we now just need the a-side "Channel".

So come on has anyone got it?

Band: The Evening Outs
Label: Refill Records
Year: 1980
1. Stammer

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl.

If you want to hear more of the Desperate Bicycles then check out Dereck Ardmans excellent collection of everything other than the Evening Outs here.


Rupert Cook said...

Couldn't bring myself to listen to it. 25 years I've been looking for this and I won't listen to it until I actually own it.

A tale I was told at Olympia record fair : an acquaintance told me how he acquired this single recently. He was on a train on his way to Dulwich with his Rough Trade bag. The bag attracted the attention of a fellow passenger.

"Hey mate, I've got some singles I want to sell. Are you interested?
Come round to mine and have a look"

This guy, let's call him Sean, said he might be but he was off to play football.

"OK then, give me your number and I'll get in touch."

Sean did and a few days later the guy calls him. Sean is about to go to work but this guy is persuasive so he tells him he'll come over.

When he gets to see the records he finds two or three Homosexuals singles. Some ordinary punk stuff, not all in good condition. Then he sees a record he's been after for years....yes, it's the Evening Outs.

He pays the guy £150 for a hundred records. A few are too knackered and he throws them away.

After he told me this story I seriously thought about becoming a south London hobo with my Rough Trade bag slung over my shoulder.

garychching said...

Hi Rupert nice story. I was in Cheapo Cheapo this week and I looked at all the boxes of vinyl singles and said top myself "there's a copy of the evening outs in here" so I started looking. Two hours later and didn't even find one single of interest, still there's about another 30 boxes to go, so maybe another day.

Rupert Cook said...

I have won the Evening Outs on ebay. I can't bear to write how much I had to pay but if you want to know have a look at my blog.

garychching said...

The same day you announced winning this, I got a Google alert telling me it had been posted, and indeed it had on a podcast. I decided not to post it as I didn't want to steal your glory. All the best