Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Cramps - Live In Exeter 1980

Hi everyone back from holiday and thought I would start of with some classic "Cramps". Not sure where I got this one, it came from a cheap old tape that I clearly made (it's got my crap handwriting on it) and I have no memory of ever making it. I don't have a specific location and time for this bootleg, but from the dialogue between songs Lux starts an unfinished limerick "there was a young girl from Exeter" so I guess that's where I got the location from, and the year came from the statement just before the classic Goo Goo Muck "be on our new album Songs Your Mother Taught Me" which was released in 1980 (for those of you that spotted the mistake, check out Fred's comment first), which is a little strange as the track was originally released on their classic second album "Psychedelic Jungle" in 1981. So does anyone know anymore? If so leave a comment.

The quality is classic homemade bootleg, but is definitely listenable and some of the dialogue with Lux and Ivy and the audience is worth listening to, just to bring back the memories of how good this band were.

Band: The Cramps
Year: 1980
Label: It's a bootleg
1. Human Fly
2. Garbage Man
3. I Was A Teenage Werewolf
4. Sunglasses After Dark
5, Strychnine
6. Tear It Up
7. Drug Train
8. The Way I Walk
9. Teenage Caveman
10. Goo Goo Muck
11. Zombie Dance
12. The Natives Are Restless
13. Surfin Bed

Ripped from a glorious hissing tape

If you like this and you haven't got these, there must be something wrong with you, Their second album is my personal favourite:
Psychedelic Jungle
their classic debut:
Songs the Lord Taught Us
and if you like just the singles you won't go far wrong with this:
Off the Bone


garychching said...


You know what to do

Toxo said...

thank you

gobshyte said...

nice one mate,great to hear some live cramps.i have the 'off the bone' album somewhere on cassette with one of those old red/green 3d covers.was the vinyl released in this way?cheers

Longy said...

Alright Gary,hope you had a good holiday mate and cheers for this one.

garychching said...

Thanks foe the thanks Toxo.

Hi Gobshyte, cheers for the comment mate, I have the vinyl 3d cover as well somewhere

Hey Longy good to hear from you again, yep had a good holiday, hope you all enjoy the Cramps, how could you not.

fred said...

Um, they don't have an album called "Songs Your Mother Taught Me", I think that was a joke. And a funny one too.

garychching said...

Ha! Ha! Brilaint Fred, you made me fill like a total prat, how could I missed that?

gobshyte said...

thanks for the comments mr chching.did the guy want the tape for the band or himself?anyway thanks for passing that on.ill let you know if anything happens!

mrpoopy said...

This was awesome--thanks!

garychching said...

Glad you like it Mr Poopy, and thanks for taking the time to comment.

Mr Phreek said...

Thanks Gary! I'm grabbing this one for my girlfriend. The Cramps are her favorite band!

garychching said...

Hey Mr Phreek, glad to help and I hope she likes it.

Noomer said...

This is bootleg that was released on 2 labels (one of those with an alternate cover color).

recorded at The Edge, Toronto on July 18, 1980.

bootleg LP called:
1) "Rock n Roll Monster Bash" on Turn Blue Records (TB-100)

2) "Stay Sick Turn Blue" on INTERNATIONAL RECORD SYNDICATE (IRLP 9014) green cover and a yellow cover version

garychching said...

Thanks for the facts Noomer, my tape was just handwritten the Cramps live.