Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Carpettes - Orginal Demo's 1980 EP

A new name for you to give your thanks to, for sharing this gem from the excellent "Carpettes". Philippe from Germany offers up this rare (only 50 released) four track vinyl EP which consists of 4 tracks from some demos in 1980.

The Carpettes managed to produce music from pure punk to powerpop and were clearly talented writers and musicians as these demos demonstrate. Three of the tracks are classic power pop and "False Foundations" is a new wave/reggae sound. My personal favourite of the four is track one "Friday Night, Saturday Morning".

For me the best "Caprpettes" material was their first two singles (although there's lot to like from their later stuff as well) from the he classic "Small Wonder" label and you can still here their perfect debut ep here.

I saw the Carpettes a couple of times and found this flyer for a gig at the Nashville and also a Carpettes badge (I bet there aren't too many of these around),
So try out the demos and leave a comment to thank Philippe (he's got a few more gems to share) and tell us what you think of them.

Band: The Carpettes
Year: 1980
Label: Snap Music
1. Friday Night, Saturday Morning
2. The Reason I'm Lonely
3. False Foundations
4. If Your Heart Stopped Now

Ripped from Philippe's glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then your in luck as you can still buy this excellent CD with their first two singles and the John Peel sessions here:
The Early Years: 1977-1978

and you never know they may still have a copy of this rare one here:


Longy said...

Ace! Nice one Gary and a special thanks to Philippe. I never knew this existed mate. Cheers :-)

garychching said...

Hi Longy, yep thanks to Philippe because I didn't know about either.

Rupert Cook said...

Haven't played their stuff in years. I know I've got one or two singles somewhere, will dig them out tomorrow. Good choice.


Great post Gary !!They must have been a great live band. Allways been A huge fan. I think, If your heart stopped now was from the 2cnd lp. Love it!!
Thanks again

garychching said...

Cheers Rupert, I have a few more of their singles somewhere as well. I'll have to dig them out.

Thanks Frank, my memories are fading, but the fact I saw them more than once says it all.

lorenzo said...

Excellent Gary, thanks a million... by the way, the "Early Years" cd of Overground does not have the singles, but demo versions of the early songs and the peel sessions... a must have in any case! Cheers from Dublin.

garychching said...

Thanks for the extra info Lorenzo, I was planning on playing all my carpettes stuff back to back so I guess I'll make sure I have both versions now.