Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The ANKLE File - Various REPOST

I've reposted this for a number of reasons:

Number 1. Its a brilliant collection of punk/new wave and for those of you that have missed it, you really need to hear it.

Number 2. If you don't believe me, check out the latest comment from Antonia.

Number 3, Ken sent the scans through for the cover and insert

Number 4. Another recent comment from anonymous (they seem to leave a lot of comments) regarding an error I made on track 4, I got the title and band name the wrong way round (so thanks for spot and the new upload and this post is corrected).

Number 5. There wasn't going to be a reason 5, but I'm playing it right now and it's so good I can't believe some of you haven't tried this yet.

Something for everyone here. This tape came about from a discussion in the comments of The Fakes single Production (link here if your interested). Chris Low (you may recognize his name from Kill Your Pet Puppy comments, he also provided the excellent Fakes demo tape over also over at KYPP) left a few comments and mentioned he was listening to an excellent track called 'New Clash Single' by 'Vertical Smiles'. I said it sounded interesting and he told me it was one track on a tape and agreed to get a friend of his to send it to me. Next stage I get a number of emails from Ken with the tracks. The bit I like is that Ken got them from a guy named Michael Train in New York, ironic really that these old Scottish songs ended up being found and returned all the way from US.

The origin of this tape is a little flakey, so I'm hoping Chris will add some more information later on. The tape was called the Ankle File and Ken believes it was a various tape given away with a fanzine. He also thinks most of the bands came from Stirling/Falkirk area, and one of them called 'FK9' have taken their name from the postcode of the area. No scan or cover, but Chris was going to see if he could find it, so fingers crossed.

So if you like your music a bit raw and unpolished your going to love this tape, there are some real gems on here. There's something for everyone here, some real classic original punk, some powerpop and new wave, so try it out and enjoy.

Please leave a comment and thank Chris, Ken and Michael for sharing this gem and and also tell us whats your favourite track. At the moment for me its 'New Clash Single'.

Band: Various
Year: 1980?
Title: The ANKLE File
1. Asking For It - FK9
2. What Day Is It - 22 Beaches
3. Insight - Rhythm Method
4. Autumn Rainwear - Those French Girls
5. New Clash Single - Vertical Smiles
6. Production Destruction Line - Curious Reign
7. Sade When She Died - 22 Beaches
8. The Last Reign - Curious Reign
9. Sylvia Clarke - The Fakes
10. Sparkle - Those French Girls
11. Final Word - FK9
12. Fire Engine - White Walls

Ripped from someones glorious hissing tape


garychching said...
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Rupert Cook said...

FK9 released at least two singles, both of them are worth seeking out.

There is a good triple CD called Kilt By Death which features many great Scottish singles between 77 and whenever the Buba And The Shop Assistants single came out.

garychching said...

Cheers Rupert, you are right about the Kilt By death CD, it's excellent. I have a load of mp3's by FK9 and I don't know where they come from. I guess they are the singles. All good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Mixed up the fourth track (song w/ band). There is no room for error.

Antonia said...

Thank you guys! This was awesome! The best tape I've heard in a long long while. I L-O-V-E-D the "Autumn rainwear" track.

garychching said...


New link with scans and corrected track.

garychching said...

thanks anon the error has been corrected. Much appreciated

hi Antonia glad you like it i also love Autumn rainwear very 77 ultravox. You see I've added you to the post, famous for a day.

Longy said...

Cheers Gary,I actually managed to miss this one first time around! Not like me at all :-)

garychching said...

Hi Longy, cheers, you should like this, even though the recording is a bit ropey.

Antonia said...

:) Sweet! Although I can't write or play brilliant and cool songs like FK9 and Those French Girls... sometimes I give it a try. This is my band http://www.myspace.com/taggarnaut (check it out if you are of the curious type)
Anyway, thanks for posting, I'm keeping track on your posts.

spavid said...

This is a genuine coincidence, but I just uploaded Those French Girls self-titled album on my blog! Check it out here:

Did a search for them and this comp is one of the first things that came up. Look forward to hearing it.

garychching said...

Hey Antonia thanks for the comment and pleased that your gonna come back.

Checked out some of your stuff on my space and really like "The Secretary" and "VCR" live. I will keep an eye on you.

garychching said...

Hi Spavid, thanks for the link, i didn't know they had an album so looking forward to hearing it.

The Ankle tapes not a great recording but the tracks are great.

Also apologies for not having you in my blog list, I was sure you were as I do check out your blog. Anyway I've added you now.

Anonymous said...

hey there.
Just came across this post so good to know everything worked out and many thanks to kenny for digitising my old cassette.
My memory is a bit flaky, but as I recall this tape just came in a plastic bag with the poster I scanned plus a copy of the Fakes 'Production' EP and was sold in The Other Record Shop in Stirling.
I'm pretty sure it was Billy McChord who released it so if he pops up here i'm sure he'd be able to fill in more details.
By coincidence, I unearthed a copy of New Youth's demo tape plus a recording of a practice of theirs i went along to which I will try to get to Kenny some time soon. they had a very strong sound, at the time they'd have been compared to The Fire Engines/gang of Four, but listening to them now, ironically, they sound very similar to a number of bands like Bloc party, Franz Ferdinand etc who became big names over the past few years.
remember seeing Those French Girls supporting The Skids at Stirling Uni on their Absolute Game tour so off to check out the download of their LP now.
Wishing everyone reading this a happy new year and all the best for 2010.
Chris Low

garychching said...

Hi Chris, Happy New year to you , thanks for the extra info. Thought you might like to know that a Fred Parons who played in 22 Beaches, down loaded a copy the this tape the other week. So nice to know the original artists are able to hear their old music again.

Grave said...

I remember most of these bands and a host of other local Stirling bands. I was in a few but about this time I was drumming in a band called Vague fronted by a girl called Alison with Heather on guitar who ended up going to America and Andy on bass who still works at the Uni. Three of us were still at school (Wallace High) and Andrew Conoboy was our "organiser/manager". He sadly died a couple of years ago.

This was a really good time for Stirling bands and Billy McChord did release this and promoted a lot of other stuff. I seem to recall he was very into Curious Reign and may have effectively managed them.

A lot of us rehearsed at Airthrey Castle at the Uni. Good times.

Allan said...

emm. How do I hear the Ankle File tape you are talking about? I cant see the link.

garychching said...

Hi Allan, sorry it is a little confusing, the link is 6 comments down. But to save you looking, here it is again:


garychching said...

Hi Grave thanks for the comment and your expereinces. 77-80 was and is still my favourite period for music, good times for me as well.

All the best Gary

LesCook said...

Ahhhh, memories :) Quite a few of the tracks from the Ankle File appeared on a US compilation CD, check out the link here: http://hyped2death.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=31&products_id=124

Fred Parsons, mentioned above, also drummed on the Rhythm Method track - I played guitar on that one....dreadful recording, reel-to-reel tape set up in corner of the bass player's bedroom, but, hey that's what it was all about back then!


garychching said...

Hi Les thanks for the extra info, I still love the rough recordings. As you said thats what it was all about.

Anonymous said...

cant believe this is on the internet after recording in my bedroom all those years ago :) someone mentioned rythm method on tv and i just searched out of pure curiosity ... gordon

garychching said...

Hi Gordon, thanks for leaving a comment, this is what I love about the internet so much, uncovering old gems like this its a real treat and also surprise when you find something you though long gone and lost.