Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Adverts - Gary Gilmores Eyes

The Adverts second single and what a classic both sides are. Most of you will know the infamous 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes' which broke into the UK top 40 as well as earning 'The Adverts' an appearance on the BBC's 'Top Of The Pops'.

TV smith (lead singer and writer) was inspired to write the song based upon the true story of 'Gary Gilmore'. Gilmore was convicted of a double murder in Utah and gained notoriety for demanding his death penalty was fulfilled. Before his execution (by firing squad) he was asked if he had any words, he replied 'Let's do it'. Gilmore requested following his execution that his eyes be used for transplant services. Within two hours of his execution two people received his corneas, hence the brilliant lyrics below.

The b-side 'Bored Teenagers is another classic, even though I'm well past teenage years I still love playing this and singing along.

Band: The Adverts
Label: Anchor
Year: 1977
1. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
2. Bored Teenagers

If you like this then go out and buy 'The Adverts' classic debut album (you will not be disappointed). it has the original album plus the a and b-side of their first three singles, plus some live stuff, brilliant.
Crossing the Red Sea (the Ultimate Edition)
Crossing the Red Sea (the Ultimate Edition)

Gary Gilmore's Eyes

I´m lying in a hosptal
I´m pinned against the bed
A stethoscope upon my heart
A hand against my head
They´re peeling off the bandages
I´m wincing in the light
The nurse is looking anxious
And she´s quivering in fright

I´m looking through
Gary Gilmore´s eyes

The doctors are avoiding me
My vision is confused
I listen to my earphones
And I catch the evening news
A murderer´s been killed
And he donates his sight to science
I´m locked into a private ward
I realise that I must be

Looking through
Gary Gilmore´s eyes

I smash the light in anger
Push my bed against the door
I close my lids across the eyes
And wish to see no more
The eye receives the messages
And sends them to the brain
No guarantee the stimuli
Must be perceived the same

When looking
through Gary Gilmore´s eyes

Gary don´t need his eyes to see
Gary and his eyes have parted company

© TV Smith


45 Revolutions said...

It's amazing, but I AM actually still 19 years old. Been that way for many a year now.

garychching said...

ha ha, thats a real coincidence, same here

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Reckon we all are. I was a bit down a while back and was saying to the missus that perhapes I was having some sort of midlife crisis, she said "Fuck Off Nuzz, you aint grown up yet" too right.

garychching said...

You know what Nuzz my missus keeps asking me "When am I going to grow up". Don't know why coz it ain't gonna happen

clintiguana said...

unlike you lot, i have grown up since those heddy days of punk ... still not decided what i want to do with my life though, hopefully i will work it out before it is too late!

Robert said...

No Time To Be 21!

garychching said...

Thats why I am staying 19

Chris said...

Thank you very much.

Robert said...

Just heard that TV Smith is coming to town! Visiting Sweden for the first time ever, even though he has played a lot in Norway and Finland (get your maps out and try too understand that).
Gigging just around the corner of my flat next month.

garychching said...

Hey Robert really spooky I was holding Tomahawk Cruise when I read this. Gonna have to post it now.