Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Swell Maps - Free Bonus 7" EP

This EP came free with the' 'Swell Maps' excellent debut album 'A Trip To Marineville'. later releases of the CD had these songs included.

A real mixed bunch here, 'Loin Of Surf' is the Swell Maps first foray into 'surf instrumentals' and for me they don't disappoint (although you should note in my book the Swell maps can do no wrong). The second track 'Doctor At Cake' is another instrumental and most probably the weakest on the EP. Next up is the classic, legendary, outstanding 'Steven Does'. Only the Swell maps could make a song like this. For any of you budding guitarists out there, listen to the solo, untouchable. At only 1:45 mins long this was always on the turntable, hence the condition. The last song 'Bronze and baby Shoes' is a rela strange one I cant even begin to describe. So why don't you have a listen and leave a comment and say what you think.

I have two copies of this one with printed pictures on the sleeves, and one with hand drawn faces (does anyone know if the Swell Maps drew them?)

Some etching trivia again, on the a-side we have "Don't Wear Leopard Skin" and on the b-side "Swell Maps Amuse Children"

Band: Swell Maps
Label: Rather Records
Year: 1979
1. Loin Of Surf
2. Doctor At Cake
3. Steven Does
4. Bronze And Baby Shoes

Ripped from glorious very scratched vinyl:

If you like this then buy their excellent debut album now, only a £5 no excuse (note Steven Does is not on this one):
A Trip to Marineville
A Trip to Marineville


Anonymous said...

Is this working?
btw--love your stuff and your site!

garychching said...

Hi Peter thanks for your comment. I just tried it and it worked for me. These share sites can be roped. but they are free so you can't really complain. Just keep trying.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Maps did decorate the sleeves - the LP cover of mine is signed by the band in the same style as the decoration on the single sleeve.

garychching said...

Hi anon, thanks for your comment. My lps don't have them, but I guess it would have been quite time consuming to do everyone.

ishmael whale said...

Hi Gary,
My copy of the freebie certainly had the jowe head drawing on it, so unless you've got my old copy, i reckon they came like that.

epic site, and all.

garychching said...

Hi Ishmael thanks for the comment and compliment, its much appreciated.

Looks like the case is closed, there all the same, still nice touch though.