Monday, 4 August 2014

Scott 4 - Your Kingdom To Dust CD Single

I think I first heard this on John Peel (I could be wrong) but I went straight out and purchased a copy, and ever since it's been floating in and out of my playlists, and now its back again. Their biography on Amazon labels them as Electronic Cowpunks and you will see why when you listen to both sides of this single and even more when you try some of their albums.

Scott 4 must be another one of those bands that regretted the name of their band, especially after considering its the same name as Scott Walkers album "Scott 4". So if you Google them all you see is Scott Walker (not that that's a bad thing), so I guess that explains why in 2005 they renamed themselves to "Scott 4 Free Rock Orchestra".

Only two tracks here, first up is "Your Kingdom To Dust" and it's easily the standout track. The b-side "You Set The Scene" is an instrumental that lasts for a mighty 23:15 minutes, and to me, sounds like it should be the soundtrack to a film (what do you think?). Amazingly for such a long track it's very listenable, and after all these years I still haven't grown bored of it.

So try it out and see what you think.

Band: Scott 4
Label: Satellite Records / V2 Records
Year: 1997
1. Your Kingdom To Dust
2. You Set The Scene

Ripped form not so glorious CD (see comments for links)

If you like this then try out some of their albums. All of them appear rated, I can only personally recommend two, this one has the a-side of this single plus more on:
Recorded in State
Love this one, reminds me a little of Beck, etc.
Works Project
Or try out their latest release (I haven't got round to this yet, so if you have, then let me know what its like, mp3 download only:

Or you buy this single for 0.01p a bargain, even with the postage costs:

Your Kingdom to Dust


Longy said...

The first track is quite nice and listenable but the second one is too long for me although it builds up nicely. The sort of thing you put on when you come in from the pub and fall asleep on the settee to kind of track. Cheers Gary.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy, it's a long track, I like to have it running in the background when I'm working, I find it doesn't distract and I keep hearing new bits. I still prefer the a-side though.

All the best

Longy said...

You mut have a good job then!

garychching said...

Wokring at home has its advantages