Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Request Time 3

OK rockers its time for you to help out again.

First up, for one of the biggest contributors to ASFM, Bruce Rhodes is desperately searching for these, and if he wants them, then I want to hear them, so here is Bruce's request in his own words:

I'm desperately hunting a couple of U.S. punk singles, and would love to get either the original singles or MP3's.
I've yet to find anyone who has posted them! (Come on, someone must have them!)
I'm after, both singles by, "That Hideous Strength" and "Close Encounter Of The Third Kind" by SST. Also the Readymades debut 45.
C'mon you guys.... . Help to make an old man very happy.
Next up are a couple of tracks requested by some visitors to ASFM:

Red Letters - Sacred Voices (1979)
Ian North's Neo single - Train Sister/A Failed Pop Song
Strate jacket - Your A Hit (circa 1977)

and one for me, I've already asked for this one but I'm gonna keep asking until it turns up, come on someone must have this one somewhere:

The Evening Outs - Channel/Stammer on Refill Records RR5 1979

We also still have some outstanding requests from Request Time 2 (if you want to see then follow the link) - The last two Vertical Hold tracks in particular.

Hope you can help.

Always Searching For Music


Anonymous said...

yes,the red letters-sacred voices is very hard,i have only song sacred voices from bloodstains across the uk 2:

Jeronyme said...

Sorry can't help you... but you'll probably enjoy the Orson Family's stuff I've just posted... in fact it features the 3 trax of the EP you've already posted + 3 other crackin' numbers...
Your blog is great!


Robert said...

You can hear the Readymades first 45 on their myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/thereadymadessf

I'm sure you can figure out a way to download the songs. I did.

garychching said...

Hey anon any chance of a copy of sacred voices?

garychching said...

Thanks Robert I didn't even know there was a readymades myspace site.

garychching said...

Cheers Jeronyme, I love it, if anyone else likes the Orson Family then check out Punks On Postcards, their in the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

sacred voices by red letters :

garychching said...

Thanks very much anon, I just posted it. Much appreciated whoever you are.