Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Punishment Of Luxury - Engines Of Excess

Punishment of Luxury's second single was an equally weird song compared with their first release 'Puppet Life' on Small Wonder (follow the link).

I just don't know how to classify Punishment Of Luxury, so who cares, I like both tracks, the weird and strange jellyfish is the standout track for me. Although Engines of Excess follows very close.

Which one is your favourite? leave a comment.

An etching on each side, the a-side has "a Bilbo Boppa" and on the b-side is "Pecko2 with a nice little attempt at drawing a jellyfish, but it looks more like an octopus.

You can see their continued attempts at strangeness on the label under SIDE A is (ExSide) and under SIDE B is (Seaside) both links to the single title tracks.

Band: Punishment of Luxury
Label: United Artists
Year: 1979
1. Engines Of Excess
2. Jellyfish

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

As their best album Laughing Academy is sadly no longer available, you can still get this one, don't know what its like so maybe someone will want to try it and leave a comment.
Revolution By Numbers
Revolution By Numbers


Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary,another one I haven't got! Enjoy your break mate.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I've stuck a link up for their Laughing Academy album on my blog, if anyones interested.

garychching said...

Thanks Longy and thanks Nuzz, if anyone hasn't got the Laughing Academy album then get over to Nuzz Prowling Wolf, link in the side bar.