Tuesday, 5 August 2014

prag VEC - Existential (4 track EP)

This is prag VEC's debut single a 4 track double a-side EP. I haven't got much information on prag VEC, maybe some of you out there will know more and leave some info in the comments.

I did some info so follow this link for discography, interviews and a few photots.

Cateogrised as a post punk band, there is not much around about them, so if you have any more info then leave a comment.

The first track 'Existential' I'm not sure about, sang in another language (not sure what), the second track 'Bits' is the standout one for me, I really like, the catchy guitar and vocals. 'Wolf' is a but more punky ('Kleenex' style) and final track 'Cigarettes' is one that grows on you as you give it a few plays.

Band: prag VEC
Label: Spec Records
Year: 1978
1. Existential
2. Bits
3. Wolf
4. Cigarettes

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you did like this, I couldn't find anything else available, so if anyone does know of anything I can point at then please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Gary. I've actually the 2nd single "Expert" on Vinyl somewhere. I've never heard this one before but I like it. Cheers mate.


Clint Iguana said...

Interesting, i have been wondering what they sound like for years.... ever since hearing the HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT song PRAC VEC AT THE MILKWEG... (a reference to a live gig in amsterdam's Milkveg (milky way))

garychching said...

Interesting Longy I haven't heard their second single. Wouldn't mind a listen.


garychching said...

Hi ya Clint, I was gonna post the Half Man Half Biscuit song as a bonus track.

Great minds and all that.


FuseRed said...

great 7" - ta!

FuseRed said...

great 7" - ta!

garychching said...

Glad to help fusered

nicash said...

prag vEC had a 12" compilation single which included tracks off the EP and single. There was only one album released called "No Cowboys" quite hard to find.
Mute records may release the back catalogue including 3peel sessions and some previously un-released material. Nick Cash the drummer is still semi active with JCc and the Disciples. Nick was in The Lines who are being re-discovered due to the diligence and hard work of Acute records who have released 2 cds Memory Span and Floodbank. www.acuterecords.com

garychching said...

Hi Nicash, thanks for the extra info.

I have a copy of the album as well and its a good one, I hope it gets a little more well known this time round.

Richard Hare said...

Update - the website is now here.

garychching said...

Thanks Richard I have updated the post as well.