Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pigs - Youthanasia

Another example of classic 1977 punk from "Pigs" who hailed from Bristol and released their one and only single which was a four track ep on New Bristol Records (NBR 001).

Apart from that I don't know anything about "Pigs" Anyone else got anything to add? then leave a comment.

I struggled to pick a favourite here, for me theres nothing between "Youthanasia", "Psychopath" and "National Front", so I'll leave it you to decide which ones the best.

Band: Pigs
Label: New Bristol Records
Year: 1977
1. Youthanasia
2. Psychopath
3. They Said
4. National Front

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:


dr punkenstain said...

still great music to listen,unfortunately mostly of them i've got it already...is it possibile to posted something from some various artists comps from the years of anarchy chaos and destruction:1976-1982?!?for example, it would be great to hear something from compilation titled"the best of sniffing and cursing"

Anonymous said...

Another great long lost classic! Thanks Gary


Anonymous said...

The good dr can hear "the best of sniffing and cursing" on the myspace site. You can't download but you can hear the songs. I didn't know any of them but they were great. Gary, do you know The Spotoons? Or C thru Pantz?! Maybe you or dr can tell us more?
Love the blog!! Thanks!

garychching said...

Cheers longy

garychching said...

Hi Anon thanks for the info on Sniffing and Cursing, I'm gonna order it soon, its good shit, everyone should try this out

dirty dave said...

one of my favorite kbd 7 inchers.
i paid a small mint for this on ebay and then posted it on my blog

garychching said...

Hi DD, its a classic so I don't blame you forking out for this one.

mark Clayton said...

The Pigs now have all their songs on CD, including the EP, and it's available from Retro Records, though it's not an official release. However, the sound is good and memories abound. It's about a fiver.