Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Penetration - Firing Squad

'Firing Squad' was 'Penetrations' second single released in early 1978. I posted this one for a few reasons, firstly, in case some of the younger visitors haven't heard of them or got their excellent debut album 'Moving Targets' (see bottom of posting for link), secondly anyone who has only got the album in vinyl, and would therefore not have the b-side 'Never'. Lastly as I have find memories of going to see Penetration at the Nashville in Kensington and because I wasn't 18 they wouldn't let me in, but luckily I still made it, as the roadies smuggled me in and let me watch from a small open loft space, where I had an excellent view of a brilliant gig.

Band: Penetration
Label: Virgin
Year: 1978
1. Firing Squad
2. Never

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then buy their first album 'Moving Targets'. One of the advantages with the CD releases today is the label tend to be generous enough to add the singles and in some cases the b-sides, which is great for people replacing their old battered vinyls or for latecomers:
Moving Targets
Moving Targets


Bruce said...

Great band!!

Did anybody buy the limited "Glow In The Dark" version of the album?

Didn't seem to glow!, and was a bloody horrible pressing !!

Pretty rare now I'd imagine.

Check out YouTube for some great Penetration clips!! Don't Dictate and Life's a Gamble.

garychching said...

Hi Bruce, I had a copy of the glow in the dark version and I sold it, as you said it looked OK but sounded dreadful and I went back and bought a nice boring black vinyl copy (which I still have today)

Anonymous said...

Its blob week for Mrs Longy so it looks like this is the only Penetration on the agenda for me : - ((

Cheers Gary


Anonymous said...

Great to here this again. Made me dig out the album in wonderful glow in the dark vinyl !! Can't do that with Cd's or i Tunes.

garychching said...

Hey Longy at least its good Penetration

garychching said...

Good stuff anon, its great digging out those old vinyls.

Anonymous said...

you had to hold it up to the light 1st then turn light s off and it really did glow, excellent under rated band, gonk

garychching said...

Hi Gonk, lol I tried it as well. Your right it did actually glow.