Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pauline Murray and the Storm - Holocaust

This one is definitely for Pauline Murray completists, and be warned this is not like her other material, this is more dance/electronic.

There are two sides to this 12", one with Pauline Murray and the Storm, and on the other side Pauline Murray and the Saint, I don't know what the difference is, does anyone know out there?

For me 'Holocaust' is the best track, even though this is not my genre of music, and I admit I bought it just because it was Pauline Murray, so i was very surprised when I played it. So try it out and leave a comment to say what you think of it.

Band: Pauline Murray and the Storm
Label: Polestar
Year: 1984
1. Holocaust
Band: Pauline Murray and the Saint
1. Don't Give Up
2. Aversion

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you do like this, I can't find anything else out there to recommend, does anyone know if there is any other material available?


Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary. Never heard of this 7''. I do have Pauline Murray album entitled Storm Clouds with the "Holocaust" and "Dont Give Up" songs on it. I'll have a listen and see if they are the same.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

A real bleak record, an Alex Chilton number originally I believe. Nice post, saves me converting my vinyl copy, cheers Gary.

Anonymous said...

I had heard about this EP for ages but never got to hear it, so thanks for sharing! I see a continuity with Pauline's stuff with the Invisible Girls (the 1980 LP, the Searching for heaven EP...)
Fernando :)

garychching said...

Cheers Longy I didn't know she made an album under that moniker.

garychching said...

Hi Nuzz,thanks for that I'll have to check out the Alex Chilton version.

garychching said...

Hi Fernando, thanks for the comment, I agree there is a continuity with the invisible girls especially the b-side tracks of the single 'Searching for heaven'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, i've got the 12" but it's great to have a digital version I can put on the ipod. If anyone can upload the storm clouds album that would be fantastic. If I remember rightly from the time the Saint was meant to be Rob Blamire, Pauline's partner and of course bass man in Penetration and the Invisible Girls. Pauline and Rob reformed Penetration and after 2 or 3 line up changes still do the occasional gig (supported the Only Ones recently) and are working on new material, checkout their my space where you can hear 2new tracks Guilty and the Feeling which are excellent and as good as anything they've done. Seen them live a few times over the past couple of years and believe me they are awesome.

Mr. B

garychching said...

Hi Mr B thanks for the comment. I to would like to hear the album. So anyone out there got it?

C17Moose said...

Hi, I've got a copy of Storm Clouds if you would like me to digitise it for you. It would be great to contribute something back into this amazing site. Steve

garychching said...

hey Steve, I would love you to digitise Storm Clouds. Thanks in anticipation.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late to the show, I know - sorry.

Thanks for the Alex Chilton info. I'd always imagined Holocaust to be a Howard Devoto song,from the This Mortal Coil album It'll End in Tears (1984). Check that out anyway, but now I must look for the original\definitive version.

Thanks again.

garychching said...

Hey anon, your never too late to join the party, its still going.

Thanks for the comment, and you have just shown what I love about blogs, where you find a bit more information that leads you to other tracks artists, etc.

All the best

Teye said...

i would like to have a digital copy of the storm clouds album, if anyone has it available for me


garychching said...

Hi Teye, Try Longy over at Punk Friction I know he has a copy. Tell him garychching sent you.

Longy said...

You lazy bastard lol