Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls - Searching For Heaven

After Penetration, Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls were formed. 'Searching for Heaven' a 7" and 10" three track EP was their third single (this posting is from the 10").

Released on Illusive records in 1981, 'Searching For Heaven' is the standout track of the three, it is definitely more commercial than the Penetration material, however her distinctive vocals still shine through. Like her later works 'Animal Crazy' is not for me, and could nearly be played at a disco. The last track 'The Visitor is better but still quite commercial. See what you think and leave a comment.'

Band: Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls
Label: Illusive Records
Year: 1981
1. Searching For Heaven
2. Animal Crazy
3. Visitor

Ripped from glorious vinyl

If you like this, and even if you don't you should try out her debut album which is currently out of print (and costs a few bob), so go here if you want to hear it follow this link to The Dashing Blade


Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary. Nice one mate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one Gary!
Being 16 back then, having not that much money to spend and the fact that this record was very hard to find over here in Belgium, I'm delighted get this little gem at last!


Adrian T.Vell said...

Just wanted to say that this is just about the best blog i have ever seen! No Bull,its great.I confess to no less than 52 downloads in the last 2 days !!!
I have added a link to your page on my site.
You still want the Tanz Der Youth peel Session??
Oh and the Yellow Dog was only black vinyl the follow up was in yellow/orange and the one after that was luminous!
Keep up the amazing work!!

garychching said...

hey Longy i was beginning to wonder where you were

garychching said...

Hi Peter, thanks for your comment, i know what it was like trying to find money at that age, I sold my entire collection of bowie, mott the hoople, trex, roxy music, etc. so i could buy most of these records I have posted. I was also a little naive as I also thought all that music was crap and punk was the only thing that counted.

I think I've managed to replace nearly everyone now, so it all turned out in the end.

garychching said...

Hi Adrian, thanks for your very kind comment as a fellow blogger you know how much those comments mean.

Yes please I (and others) would love the Tanz Der Youth session. are you going to post it on your blog?

I've not tried any of the music on your blog, but I have to say I like the look of Nemhain. check it out guys.


By the way i found yellow Dogs album last week which I think is OOP, so if it is I will post sometime.

All the best, gary

Adrian T.Vell said...

Yep i will post tanz der youth,when i have i will let you know.

A Dashing Blade said...

Apols guys, my links down again ("complaints have been received . . . "), it'll be next week before I can sort.

Andy said...

Cheers Gary. Have always loved Pauline Murray's music since the days of Penetration. I was in a band that supported her at a gig at what was then called The Polytechnic of Central London many years ago, it wasn't The Storm, but Robert Blamire was playing bass I seem to recall. Top blog, best I have found for punk/new wave. Keep up the good work.

garychching said...

Hi Andy thanks for your comment.

Did you actually meet Pauline Murray, if you did I am v jealous

LALE said...

Hey, dead link! Whappens'ere?!!

garychching said...

Hey Lale, don't know what happened, can someone else remove them?

Try this one


Lale said...

It's alive! It's alive!!!

garychching said...

No probs my friend