Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Marc Riley & The Creepers - Live At The ICA Oct. 1984 Part 4

Last up is the excellent Marc Riley and the Creepers. Riley who was also an ex member of 'The Fall' is most probably better known now for his alter ego 'Lard' who worked alongside ex radio 1 DJ Mark Radcliffe. They both use to host my second favourite radio show (John Peel obviously first) 'Out On Blue Six'.

I always liked Marc Riley and the Creepers and these four live tracks are an excellent sample of their music. My personal favourite is 'Blood From A Stone' which was renamed on the 1985 'Shadow Figure EP' to 'Snipe'.

Band: Marc Riley and the Creepers
Year: 1984
1. Blood From A Stone
2. Location Bangladesh
3. Down In The Bunker
4. Crazy Shirt Scene

Ripped from FM radio and then ripped from glorious hissing tape

If you like this there doesn't appear to be anything commercially available. So you can get most of their singles at the excellent Phoenix Hairpins here and their classic album Rock'n'roll Liquorice Flavour from the equally excellent Rollmops here.

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