Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lines - White Night

Bruce Rhodes is back with another excellent donation, so if you like this then leave a comment and thank him. This is one of those tracks that for me, on the first play it grabbed me. I want to tell you who they sound like and why it's so good, but I can't pin that sound down, have a listen and leave a comment if you can answer that question.

'White Night' is the stand out track here with excellent guitar and vocals, the b-side 'Barbican' is an instrumental (well until the very end it is) which is also very good.

Band: Lines
Label: Illegal Records
Year: 1978
1. White Night
2. Barbican

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like the Lines then follow this link to Acute Records and try out this latest release:


longcigarette said...

Hmmm.......well the singer sort of sounds like Tim Burgess of the Charlatans to me for some reason ?
Great record though, never heard it before, Thanks.

garychching said...

its good to see I'm not the only one struggling.

yep love this song, can't believe I had never heard it before.

jdwoiton said...

I taped this song of of the radio nearly 30 years ago and immediately loved it. I didn't tape the DJ announcing the band so I never knew who it was. Now due to the power of google and a few remembered lyrics. I now know who it is and I can buy more from them.

garychching said...

Hi jdwotion, thanks for the comment, and I'm glad ASFM and Google could help.

its also good to see that people are buying stuff, it was always the aim of ASFM to point people to good music.

All the best