Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Kevin Von Heaven - Outerockin' Vol. 1

Not a normal ASFM post, and I wish I had found this one, this time its just a pointer to a brilliant post.

If you like glam rock, "New York Dolls" style (but a little bit different), then get over to "Dirty Dave's" blog "Outside My Scene" (follow the link) to try out "Kevin Von heaven's" album "Outerockin Vol 1". I think all of the tracks are covers, but it would be easy to forgive one for thinking they are all orignal's from Kevin Von Heaven. I cannot find anything about this guy, or where to buy his stuff from, so if anyone does know then please leave a comment.

I have not stopped playing this since finding it, just listen to track one "Talk Dirty To Me" from the moment the guitar starts, I was hooked, and my second favourite track (even though they are all excellent) is track nine "Margaraville", the vocals are perfect, they sound a little distorted and a litle quieter than the excellent guitar and drums. Try it out and see what yout think.


dirty dave said...

kevin von heaven is an artist/musician in Columbus, Ohio. He has been in bands such as the new gods (posted earlier on my blog), the jeffs (coming very soon on my blog), swampleather, monobeats, moto virus and many more. a post of his artwork is coming in the near future as well. for more info and some more music go to:

garychching said...

Thanks for that Double D, I'll keep an eye out for your Jeff's posting

Anonymous said...

Hey have you figured out another place to get this album? the other blog seems to be deleted.. and I can't find it anywhere.