Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Johnny Thunders and Patti Palladin - Crawfish

Question: What has Elvis Presley, Jowe Head, Joe Strummer, Johnny Thunders and Patti Paladin got in common?

Answer: They all recorded the outstanding 'Crawfish'.

The most famous version is most probably the Elvis Presley (with Kitty White) version from his classic from 'King Creole'., and the most obscure and strangest has got to go to brilliant 'Jowe Head' (no surprises there then) on two albums Pincer Movement and Strawberry Deutsche Mark.

Thunders and Palladin provide a faithful cover to the Presley version, but still manage to stamp that unique Thunders sound. The b-side is 'Tie Me Up' another Thunders/Palladin team up but this time taken from the Que Sera, Sera album. if you like Johnny Thunders you will love both of these tracks.

Artist: Johnny Thunders and Patti Palladin
Label: Jungle Records
Year: 1985
1. Crawfish
2. Tie Me Up

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like Crawfish then go out and buy their excellent covers album Copycats here:
Copy Cats
and if you like 'Tie Me Up' then you can buy that plus loads more excellent Thunders stuff here:
Que Sera, Sera


Longy said...

This is much better than Jowe's version (to my surprise) Nice one Gary.

Sra. Tuppence Beresford said...

Hi Gary!

I'll upload the Devo EP during the week, using broadband internet conection, ok? Right now at home I've got only dial up, it would take years to do so. I'll send you the link as soon as possible!



icastico said...

Great stuff, thanks.

Here's one that includes a Johnny Thunders tribute...


Sra. Tuppence Beresford said...


Here it is:

Be Stiff EP

the photos of the EP cover etc i took from discogs.com.
please let me know if all the files are ok...


Nazz Nomad said...


The Wolfmen said...

What a team-up. Legends

Anonymous said...

try to find the Snatch album. Patti and Judy Nylon. I enjoy listen to it every sunday morning, don't know why.

During the rest of the week I listen to Mr Thunders
Robert - Stockholm

garychching said...

Lol, I agree Longy, although I do like Jowes version - it always makes me smile.

Hey Marianna thanks for Devo, very cool.

Hi Icastico thanks for the Thunders tribute link, I'll try it out.

Nazz I can hear you singing that now.

I'm with you Wolfmen, one of the best partnerships ever.

Hi Robert, I never tire of listening to Snatch and Thunders.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Yeah, don't forget Snatch! Great stuff.

garychching said...

Hi Princess, how could anyone forget Snatch!