Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Johnny Moped - No One

You can't get much more punk than this one. The legendary Johnny Moped could do no wrong in my books.

Great to see live, brilliant records, even his more commercial 'Darling lets have another baby' is a gem (I will post it later).

The a-side 'No One' is a true punk classic and if you haven't heard this, then I am envious of the experience you are about to have. Then you flip it over to the b-side and you get the equally brilliant 'Incendiary Device'. Excellent and humorous lyrics, loud and fast music, what more could you want?

Have a listen and leave a comment to tell me what you think.

Band: Johnny Moped
Label: Chiswick
Year: 1977
1. No One
2. Incendiary Device

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then go and buy Johnny Mopeds classic debut album, hear the mystery track without having to search for the double groove on the vinyl release:

If you want all of the singles including this posting, plus a live recording then you will have to buy this one:

Basically: Studio Recordings/Live at the Roundhouse 19th Feb '78
Basically: Studio Recordings/Live at the Roundhouse 19th Feb '78


arstider said...

Great one again and again and again.....

Best wishes from Sweden

arstider said...
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Clint Iguana said...

NOW we are talking! love it

Anonymous said...

An absolute classic! Cheers for posting this Gary.


garychching said...

Mopeds the man in my books.

thanks for the comments Clint, Longy and arstider. Much appreciated

Simon said...

I started a band based on the 'concept' of Johnny Moped... so that's what I think of this record!
-Simon No Mates.

hdvns said...

Klassique!!!! Cheers, mate!

garychching said...

You got me interested now Simon, whats the concept of your band?

garychching said...

No problems hdvns, glad to help

Robert said...

I don't think Johnny Moped ever went to Sweden. And I'm really thankful I got to se him at the Music Machine in Camden summer 1978. Sid & Nancy in the audience as well! Got some great photos from both Moped and the audience. A true character, Mr Moped.
Robert - Stockholm

garychching said...

You know what Robert, I think I may have been at the same gig.

Robert said...

I remember being a bit afraid taking my photograph of Sid and Nancy. Of course they were bored and annoyed of the attention they caused. Lots of people hanging around them, I think they were at the "second bar" at the Music Machine. Sid smashed someone taking pictures too close, so I took mine from a bit of a distance.
Remember, this was a big occasion for me. 14 years old, on my first ever trip abroad, all alone without parents, meeting Sid. At a punk club late at night.
I have a son at 14, I wouldn't be too pleased with him being in the same situation.

After the concert I walked all by myself in the night to the hostel at Notting Hill Gate! Quite some walk.
June or july 1978. I have photos of the support band, but can't identify them.
Robert - Stockholm

garychching said...

hey Robert I guess your parents didn't know you went to a gig and walked home on your own. I thought I was young leaving home at 16.

garychching said...

Robert send some of the photo I would be interested. We could see if anyone could identify the support band.