Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Igenerents - Radio Interference

Another donation from the ASFM "Request Time 2" post, this time kindly donated by Rupert (check out his collection), so please leave a comment and say thanks.

This is another one I had never heard of, and again I'm pleased to say theres a couple of gems here. As soon as "Radio Interference" starts you know your going to like it, a little bit of a radio show and then a nice slowish guitar riff, and then its away, I love it. this one cannot fail to have you singing along. Some great old lyrics, "standing in a queue with a tranny in my hand" (thats short for transistor radio for the younger visitors) listening to the waves buzzing over the land". The b-side "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" is another catchy song, equally as good as the a-side., builds up slowly and again straight into a catchy sing along.

The picture covers were kindly borrowed from "Punk Rock In The UK" here.

Band: Igenerents
Label: Rundown
Year: 1979
1. Radio Interference
2. Wrong Place Wrong Time

Ripped from Rupert's glorious scratched vinyl (see comment for link).

I also got a comment from the excellent "Killed By Death Records" (if you haven't checked this out by now, then you should), who are also posting this song, so check theirs out and see whose got the most scratched version.


jamfan said...

hi gaz glad you got hold of this single been after it for ages its very good . well worth the wait cheers jamfan

garychching said...

Hi Jamfan, thanks for putting it on my radar in the first place.

All the best

jeff said...

thanks gary/rupert for this one, had'nt heard it before and i'm glad i did. hafta pick the a-side "radio interference" for my fav. later.

garychching said...

hi Jeff, thanks for the comment, I love Radio Interference, still playing it now.

Anonymous said...

There was a nice release of almost all stuff they recorded (14 songs or so) including some unreleased stuff, in late 90's I think, a lot of really nice music, epsecially a song about Black Dr. Martens Size 9 was a hit, hehe.


garychching said...

Hi rsky thanks for the comment. I've never heard of that release, do you have a copy?