Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Honey Bane - You Can Be You EP

Honey Banes first solo single, which followed her first single on 'Small Wonder' under the name of the 'Fatal Microbes (coming later).

The sleeve also names Honey Bane as Donna and the Kebabs. Released on the Crass label (which also appears to have influenced this single with a Crass sound backing) as a three track EP. I like all three tracks, the best being 'Girl On The Run', when it starts you could easily be forgiven for thinking it was Crass and then Honey Banes vocals come in, and she makes it her own sound.

The cover is another hand made stapled together typical Crass type, which is a pain to scan, but here it is for any of you that do not have a copy of this.

Band: Honey Bane
Label: Crass
Year: 1979
1. Girl On The Run
2. Porno Grows
3. Boring Conversations

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

There doesn't seem to be much of Honey Bane's music readily available other than the odd track on some compilations. I'll post her other singles later on.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I had this on a tape but love to hear the pops crackles from vinyl too! More Honey Bane singles to come? I'm eager to hear them, tho I read some of them were quite weak (Jimmy listen to me, if I remember well...), but I'm curious anyway. Fatal Microbes were great, too. Been visiting here for a while and your blog's becoming rapidly a big fave! Thanks!
Fernando :)

Clint Iguana said...

spooky.... again. In the middle of reading 'the story of crass', just been reading how honey bane / crass connection.... and i take a break to check you out... and.... spooky.

Vom said...

Pretty sure the band backing up Honey Bane on this single IS Crass (or at least a few members) which explains the sound!

garychching said...

Hi Fernando, thanks for your comment and I'm glad your enjoying the blog. You are right the other Honey bane songs are weaker in my opinion, so it will be interesting to see what everyone thinks of them.

All the best

garychching said...

Hi Clint, its getting spookier ever since I posted that Alastair Crowley song.

garychching said...

Hi Vom, I think you are right, that would make sense.

Hey Clint what did your reading tell you?

jenX said...

And... yet... another... single I used to have - did I give all my singles to you or something? ;)
Thanks for the share!

garychching said...

Hi jenx, you have been busy today. I hope this is not in work time :-)

garychching said...

Hi again jenx, i forgot to say, its funny how many people have said I must have their record collections. In one comment someone said they had to go up in their loft to see if their records were still there.

jenX said...

...and I believe they did check too!

Luckily I found this blog during a holiday, so plenty of time to browse and plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the music.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I had this EP once. Lost it in decades of intervening chaos. Found Girl On The Run online somewhere and downloaded since, sounds good except for a weird little chunk bit out of the far end like some virtual rail ticket machine marked its card in passing. But this set is good. I haven't heard Porno Grows for 25 years, and it sounds as if I last heard it yesterday. Honey Bane's best is so good. Funny, how where someone had Wikipedia stating 'Citation needed' for John Peels's claim that Violence Grows is a classic. As if we were all taking notes, dating them, and getting them signed off in triplicate. >:) It's true though, he DID say it was a classic. It is. He wasn't the only one to know that it would remain one long after the claim was made either. Same could be said for Poison Girl's 'Bremen Song'. Sod fire and ice, THAT song is pure immolation coupled with entropic cold, but how many people even know it exists? It's so exciting it's scary, really dangerous edge in it, I don't know how it gets overlooked, but it does.. Anyway, had to write this, it's been an interesting few moments of finding stuff. Thanks. Crow. (Lostgallifreyan, in various lost corners of the net.)

garychching said...

Hi Crow thanks for the comment. I always loved this ep and considering its nearly 30 years later, I guess I always will. Never heard of the Poison girls song i will check it so thanks for the pointer.