Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dirty Dog - Let Go Of My Hand

Although the label shows 1977 this was actually released in early 1978. A 4 track EP from "Dirty Dog". I'm not gonna say anymore as James at "Worthless Trash" has already posted the info on this single here (read the comments as Steve at "45 Revs" has also added some further info).

So what do you get, four classic examples of punk songs all under two minutes. First up is "Let Go Of My Hand", my personal favourite. Next up is "Shouldn't Do It", catchy and an instant sing along. The third track is "Guitar In My Hand" the weakest of the four. Finally "Gonna Quit", another jump and sing along.

Try them out and leave a comment telling ASFM what you think of "Dirty Dog".
Band: Dirty Dog
Label: Lightning
Year: 1978
1. Let Go Of My Hand
2. Shouldn't Do It
3, Guitar In My Hand
4. Gonna Quit

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary. Another one I haven't heard of.

PS Your album is in the e post


Anonymous said...

Nice one Gary.

I have a request.....

Strate Jacket - Your A Hit.

Little known south of England '77 era punk band. They were brilliant live and supported a lot of the name bands (Clash, etc.) when they rolled into town.

dirty dave said...

amazing blog, tons of great stuff

i linked you up at my page:

Anonymous said...

Please, post Ian North's Neo single "Tran Sister/A Failed Pop Song" from 1978.

garychching said...

Hi Anon never heard of Strate jacket, and now I want to.

I will keep this for the next request post, to see if anyone got it out there,

garychching said...

Hi Dirty Dave thanks for your compliment. Just checked your blog out, v nice, I've added a link to you as well. Good luck

garychching said...

Hi anon, I'm afraid I haven't heard of Ian North either, another one for the request post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response on Strate -Jacket Gary.
As I say, they were great live...The genuine '77 article.
I would be interested if anyone else remembers them. They were from the Southampton area.

TB said...

Ian North was in NYC band from 1975 on Island called MIlk & Cookies. A pre punk kind of glam band.


garychching said...

Hi TB thanks for the comment and info. I'll have to check them out sometime.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Ian North founded Milk'N'Cookies in early 1970's, but the band disbanded in England, and North stayed there, where formed Neo, along future Ultravox guitarist Robin Simon. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo (UK band)

garychching said...

Thanks for the extra info anon.

Nick Williams said...

Dirty Dog: "Let Go Of My Hand"

When the Dirty Dog single was released I was known as Taff. I was the guitarist in Dirty Dog.
I was amazed to see the old tunes on line as, after an initial pressing of a few thousand the record co.,Lightning, lost the master tapes (Dicks, all of them).
We reached no. 2 in the, then, new Indie charts ( kept off the top by Wayne County's "Fuck Off" which was a 12 bar blues and not a punk song at all which really pissed us off).
We were real punks from Kensal Green / Rise; two of the band ended up in jail and one died (possibly by hie own hand after a lengthy stay in a mental hospital). I may actually be the only survivor.
The songs were written by Henry Hartman (whose later band, The Black Arabs were on the soundtrack to the Great Rock nRoll Swindle) except for "Shouldn't do it." which was written by me.

garychching said...

Hi Nick thanks for the extra info and taking the time to add some history. Its always great to see the artists commment.

The great thing about the web for me is the finding of classic songs (like yours) that many of us had never heard.

What are you doing now?

All the best Gary