Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dalek I - Freedom Fighters 7"

First thing to say is this post was inspired by Rupert's posting over at Turntable Revolution here.

Now onto the music, "Dalek I Love You" were a synth pop group formed in 1977 by Alan Gill and David Balfe. Balfe wanted to call the band "Dalek" (after the Dr. Who villains mentioned in Rupert's posting) and Gill wanted to name the band "I Love You", so both their choice were combined to form "Dalek I Love You". The ironic part of this story is that for their debut single "Freedom Fighters" the record label Phonogram shortened the bands name to "Dalek I" without telling them.

"Freedom Fighter" is a classic and if you already have the album Compass Kumpass you will already have it, however the single is 7 seconds longer with a slightly different ending. The b-side "Two Chameleons" is also a gem, but for me the stand-out is "Freedom Fighter".

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

Band: Dalek I
Label: Vertigo
Year: 1979
1. Freedom Fighters
2. Two Chameleons

If you like this you can still buy their second album "Dalek I Love You" at iTunes, for me their best is "Compass Kumpass" but it doesn't seem to be around any longer, so you will have to start searching.

You can also download their rare third cassette album Naive here.


Mike Nobody said...

Thank you.

Longy said...

Nice one Gary. Another top posting. It took me a while to like these I must admit but I could say that about many bands!

garychching said...

Thanks Mike and Longy.

Don't worry Longy I think its normal, I've changed my mind over the years (many times)