Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Alternators - No Answers

Another rare gem from 'Bruno of Brazil', I found one site selling this for £600. 'Alternators' debut single 'No Answers' was released in 1978 on NRG records. Apart from that I know bugger all, so I'll leave it to James (Worthless Trash) or Steve (45 Revolutions) to fill the gaps.

Thanks to Matek from Poland for the scan.

Both of these tracks are classics, 'No Answers' builds up and you think its gonna be guitars, and then a brilliant organ riff (that reminds me of some naff record in the early 70's, does anyone know what it is?), but as the guitars and vocals come back it somehow turns into a excellent song. The b-side 'Kid Don't Know' is another excellent song, that has a similar riff but much faster to AD1984 'The Russians are Coming' (another question which one was released first?). The more you play this the more they grow on you.

Band: Alternators
Label: NRG
Year: 1978
1. No Answers
2. Kid Don't Know

Ripped from Bruno's glorious scratched vinyl:


Simon said...

Are you thinking of 'Popcorn' by Hot Butter?

garychching said...

ha ha ha, Yes Simon I think I was. well done you must be a mind reader