Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Abattior Dogs - Vox Tribute to the Films Of Quentin Tarantino - Various Artists

After recently watching the Tarantino/Rodriguez grind house homage double "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof", I was again taken by the excellent soundtrack (from Death Proof). Tarantino has a habit of picking songs that if you heard on their own it would be unlikely that you would like them, but coupled with a move scene they become unforgettable. The "cut of the ear" scene in "Reservoir Dogs" coupled with "Stuck in the middle with you" by "Stealer's Wheel" is a classic example.

It then made me remember a brilliant tape from the now defunct "Vox" magazine where they made a homage to Quentin Tarantino's films, including made up dialogue (most of the Tarantino soundtracks include some of the dialogue from film). I thought hard about sending this over to RYP's "Twilight Zone" blog, but then thought what the hell I'll post it here.

So here it is, and there's something for everyone here. The classic "Link Wray" instrumentals, which I'm sure you already own and if not I want to know why. The "RUN-A-WAYS" a 60's band who its hard not to believe weren't an influence on the "Cramps" and the "Meteors". A classic in the Cramps style from Dave Vanian (Formerly the Damned lead singer) in his breakaway group "The Phantom Chords", and some classic "Cramps" of course. You gotta check out the "Richard Berry" classic as well (and then try some more of his stuff) My personal favourite is "The Embers". So give it a try and leave a comment with your favourite.

Band: Various
1. Deuces Wild - Link Wray
2. The Promised Land - Johnny Allen
3. Big Break - Richard Berry
4. Hoogie Boogie - John Lee Hooker
5. Night Creature - The RUN-A-WAYS
6. Screaming Kid - The Phantom Chords
7. Flower Of My Heart - Sparkle Moore
8. I Walked All Night - The Embers
9. The Wild One - Link Wray
10. Everything Goes - The Cramps
11. Little Darlin - The Gladiolas
12. Can't Stop Lovin - Elmore James
13. Reconsider Me - Margaret Lewis
14. (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
15. Sweet Dream - Tommy McLain

Ripped from glorious hissing tape (see comment for link)

Most of these tracks came from various records from the Ace label, but if you do like this the try out some of these:
The classic Link Wray
The Original Rumble
The great Richard Berry
Get out of the Car
plus two classic from Tarantino films
Reservoir Dogs


Asbo said...

Got this one on tape somewhere, scanned the covers but couldn't be bothered ripping it in the end, so thanks :)

Dave said...

This movie has a great soundtrack. I completely forgot about it until I saw this post. Great upload.


Dave said...

I've never heard the Phantom Chords before.

gobshyte said...

cheers for a great post fella.phantom chords are a top band and brilliant live.thanks again

garychching said...

Hi Asbo, thanks for the comment and good to see you back in blog land.

Hi Dave, your comment "I've never heard of the Phantom Chords" is what i most like about blogs, the amount of stuff I have found (and subsequently purchased) and has expanded my knowledge of music again and again.

Cheers Gobshyte, much appreciated, you saw the Phantom Chords live? if so lucky you, I missed out there.

Rupert Cook said...

Often the best thing about Tarantino films is the music. I expect a load of flak for that remark.

How about this for cool. The Manchurian Candidate remake had a snatch of the Prats. I think it was
General Davis.

garychching said...

Rupert you not like Pulp Fiction and Resovoir Dogs? I still think their great - soundtrack and film, I think the others dropped a but.

Nice bit of movie trivia there, I'll have to rewatch now and then be very smart and point it out.

Who Killed ET? said...

I actually just watched Planet Terror the other night and Death Proof last night for the first times. I didn't really like Death Proof too much but Planet Terror was pretty cool. I like zombie movies.

And just to let you know, in case you didn't see already. I have the Rikki Sylvan LP posted on my page if you wanna download that, it's great.

Rupert Cook said...

I think both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are films that you instantly like and then lose something after repeated viewings. What irks me with Tarantino is that so many of his films have scenes he's stolen from obscure films like the dance scene in P.Fiction which is from Bande A Part. If you want to get an idea of where Tarantino is coming from watch that film, A Bout De Souffle and Pierrot Le Fou, all directed by Godard. Of course you may have seen them all.

Nothing wrong with stealing plots from films but only if it's in the name of the Simpsons.

garychching said...

Hi ET, a good exmaple how we all have different tastes - good job or it would be a pretty boring place.

I will check out the Rikki Sylvan album, thanks for the pointer.

Nazz Nomad said...

No complaints on Tarantino's films... the Kill Bill flicks are complete pastiches of other (mainly Japanese) movies). I think I have the Phantom Chords (unreleased) cd- if so, I will post it.

garychching said...

Hi Nazz, Gobshyte posted it last week here http://mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com/2009/07/phantom-chords-unreleased-album.html

Clint Iguana said...

Ahhh.... this brings back memories. I have the complete back catalogue of all the old Vox magazines gathering duest in the attic. Did not have the roesight to keep all the tapes though, will download and relive some memories.

Nice one chang

garychching said...

Hey Clint good to hear from you again and thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoy, it's a classic.