Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Wasps - Teenage Treats

Back to 1977 again for the brilliant Wasps first and only single. From the drum beat start to the excellent riff, classic punk. I started this blog to share songs like this one, so try it out, as it should be with scratches and pops but in mp3 format for you to share.

Apart from a couple of tracks on the Vortex various album and a couple of John Peel sessions (which I haven't got but would like a copy - anyone out there?) that was it from the Wasps.

But then in 2003 a Wasps album was released, and if you like this then you should buy it. I preordered it on the strength of this single and it's brilliant. See link at the bottom for details.

Band: The Wasps
Label: 4 Play
Year: 1977
1. Teenage Treats
2. She Made Magic

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

Link to buy the Wasps album:
Punkryonics by Wasps

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