Tuesday 5 August 2014

London - Summer Of Love

I always loved "London". This was their second single, I will post their brilliant first single later on.

Four tracks, all good, but "Siouxsie Sue" and their cover of "Friday On My Mind" are outstanding.

The "Siouxsie Sue" track has nothing to do with Soiuxsie of the Banshees and was originally called Susie Sue.

The other point of interest is that John Moss the drummer went on to join Culture Club, a bit of a change, but hopefully he made a good living from it.

Band: London
Label: MCA
Year: 1977
1. Summer Of Love
2. No Time
3. Friday On My Mind
4. Siouxsie Sue

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then buy this, it has all the singles and a couple of decent tracks from their no longer available debut album "Animal Games". If anyone has a copy of this, I would interested.

Punk Rock Collection
Punk Rock Collection


Anonymous said...

I've still got this on 12' vinyl but with no turntable its gathering dust. Great to have a listen again. Cheers mate


Anonymous said...

Some 10+ years ago I found a guy from Canada who had such an incredible colletion of punk rarities and kindly offered to send me cd-rs (he only asked for media+posting refund). I'm from Brazil and hadn't much money, so I could afford nine cds - full of rare worldwide punk EPs, like finnish/sweden protopunk middle-70's bands that influenced Kaaos, Ryystetit, Tervet Kaddett and all the 80's HC finish bands. Actually some of these bands still can't be found on Google - some of them, from UK!...

Between all these relics there was "Summer Of Love" EP that became my favorite right away. Unfortunately, the audio quality is too bad, so I was searching for this London EP since them...

The reason why I'm writing that much (sorry about my bad english) is to try to show how grateful I am for FINALLY find it (in CD-like audio quality!) I'm also looking for they other releases, so if you find it, I will be forever thankful...

Of course, I feel in debt with you, so if you want to, please e-mail me and I will be more than pleased to send you a list with these bands for your appreciation and send you the mp3 files. The only reason I didn't made it yet is because I don't have DSL or fast connection (it's dial-up) to upload all the nine cds.

Thank you so much;

Punkzer0 said...

Hey Bruno your English is excellent and thanks for your message, I will drop you a line.

Anonymous said...

I'm another one with shit loads of vinyl gathering dust! Keep up the great blog Gary - you're a top man!
Have you got "Fcuk Off" by The Electric Chairs? The B-side is a blinder & not available anywhere.
If you don't ask, you don't get!!
Cheers, Andy C.

Anonymous said...

Great site you have, congrats :-)

Here's "London - Animal Games" if you want it (Mp3 @160, front + back cover included):


No Pass


Punkzer0 said...

Andy C, I have got Fcuk off, and I will post it, I was gonna go for their first ep first.

Punkzer0 said...

Toxxy, thanks for the comment and the link, much appreciated

Brian said...

Hey great post, would love to hear more from London, does anyone have their cd from Captain Oi with all of their output? It is called Punk Rock Collection. Thanks!!!

Punkzer0 said...

Hi Brian, I'm afraid I only post vinyl rips and oop stuff. Trying to walk the line of not being attacked by the DRM,.

Monty said...

Is there a link for this?I've still got the 12''...gonna get my record player up and running again soon...

Punkzer0 said...

Monty, email me