Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Killjoys - Johnny Won't Go To Heaven

A classic punk song on a classic punk label. "Raw records" was one of my favorite labels and I will post more from this label. You may have heard of the Killjoys as in a later in life the lead singer (who also wrote both sides) is Kevin Rowland of Dexy Midnight Runners fame. This gave the Killjoys wider acknowledgment in the early 80's

The a-side which is the best (but I still love the b-side as well) has the obligatory "1234" start, excellent riff, its loud and fast, has swearing and a simple sing along chorus, what more could you want.

Band: The Killjoys
Label: Raw
Year: 1977
1. Johnny Won't Go To Heaven
2. Naive

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

I thought you could still buy two excellent Raw records collections, but looking on Amazon volume 1 is going for £65. So if anyone wants this stuff then leave a comment.

This vinyl also has the classic "a porky prime cut" etching. How many records have that?

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