Tuesday 5 August 2014

Angelic Upstarts - The Murder Of Liddle Towers

The debut single from 'Angelic Upstarts' was the second of two protest songs about the unjust murder of 'Liddle Towers' (I posted the Dave Goodman sister protest song earlier). It was at first self released with only 500 copies, and was then picked up by 'Small Wonder Records"

This is a great song, it starts quiet and builds up and you can hear the anger from 'Mensi' as he screams out:

"Who Killed Liddle?
Did you kill Liddle?
Who killed Liddle?
Police killed Liddle Towers!"

The b-side 'Police Oppression' is also good, but its the a-side for me, that still gets me singing along.

Band: Angelic Upstarts
Label: Small Wonder
Year: 1978
1. The Murder Of Liddle Towers
2. Police Oppression

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

Even though I did buy most of the 'Upstarts' singles, this is the only one that I keep playing. even though some of the others are not bad, I never get around to playing them.
If you like this, then go and buy this album, it's a good collection of their best songs:
Punk Singles Collection
Punk Singles Collection


Anonymous said...

I remember two 11 year old lads pogoing around WH Smiths record section to this years ago

Punkzer0 said...

Nice one anon. Difficult to imagine WH Smiths playing this song