Tuesday 5 August 2014

Art Attacks - I Am A Dalek

I love this single, I love the cover, and I loved the Art Attacks. If you like punk, you cannot not like this, both side are brilliant. My favorite is "I Am A Dalek", but only just. See what you think.

The Vocalist Edwin Pouncey was also know as the artist "Savage Pencil" whose distinctive style illustrated some classic punk covers such as the Lurkers "Freak Show" (to be posted soon) and for the first ever punk rock compilation album, "Streets", where another Art Attacks classic "Arab in Arrads" was recorded.

Band: Art Attacks
Label: Albatross
Year: 1978
1. I Am A Dalek
2. Neutron Bomb

Ripped from glorious (very) scratched vinyl (especially Neutron Bomb)

If you like then definitely go out and buy this. Both of their singles and Arabs in Arrads, plus other material and live tracks are included. It's worth buying just for their second single b-side
"Rat City" :
Outrage and Horror
Outrage and Horror

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