Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Electric Chairs - F*** Off

Does anyone know what the blog protocol for swearing is?, I am happy to spell it as it is, but was not sure.

I wasn't planning another "Electric Chairs" post for a while, but this one's especially for Andy C who requested it in the "London" posting comment (and has also commented lots of other times - thanks Andy).

He said the b-side "On the Crest was really good and not available anywhere. I was quite surprised as I have always commented how good punk b-sides often are, but I hadn't played this one. It took me three attempts to get a reasonable recording (it was pretty scratched) and by then I was singing along. Andy C was right it's excellent (I wasn't so keen on the first play, so give it a few spins).

I think most people will know the a-side "F*** Off" so I won't say anymore on this. One point of note, Jools Holland played piano on this track.

This record was definitely where The Electric Chairs started with the sex,smut and shock theme: The song title and lyrics, the Label is Sweet FA, The serials number is WC 1. even the etching has a "A Porky Prime #@=£".

The b-side etching is a more simple and clean one: "Turn Me Over".

Band: The Electric Chairs
Label: Sweet FA
Year: 1978
1. F*** Off
2. On The Crest

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

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Anonymous said...

You're a top geezer Gary! Cheers for this one - glad you like the B-side!! Like yourself, I've spent a small fortune over the years on vinyl, cassettes, CDs & now MP3s, so its REALLY great to get something for free that I've already paid for. Must invest in a USB deck!!! Thanks Gary - I owe you 1! Andy C

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I actually bought a copy of the follow up to this, their 'Blatantly Offensive' e.p., pressed on high-crackle gold-coloured vinyl. Safari WC2. Tracks: F*** Off / Night Time / Toilet Love / Mean Mutha F***in' Man.

Fantastic blog, by the way. I only discovered it tonight and it's taking me back to the days of my youth. Schooldays, homework, listening to the John Peel show on medium wave, buying lots of this wonderful music by mail-order ('I Got It At Bruces', Lightning Records). Back when the Irish Pound had parity with the Pound Sterling. I think I'll be spending half the night at this blogsite. Haven't found anything here by Irish punks such as The Radiators From Space, yet.

Punkzer0 said...

Hi Emberglow, I also bought the Blatantly offensive e.p. Excellent stuff.

Thanks for your comment, it is very much appreciated, keep looking there is some Irish stuff on here.