Tuesday 5 August 2014

Punishment Of Luxury - Puppet Life

Here they come
I'll Never let them take me away
I won't go to room 16.


The opening lines to "Puppet Life".
From the beginning, this record is weird, and I have always loved it. the B-side is magic as well.

I have classed as New Wave but it could be anything. Who cares.

If you want to get clean digital copies of both of these you will have to buy two excellent compilations:
Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.1
Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.1

Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.2
Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.2

Of which it looks as volume 2 is not available any longer, so if you can't find it drop me a line. Small wonder was always one of my favourite labels, with the Carpettes and Menace to name but a few (sometime I will share a few of their classics).

On the strength of this single, I went to see Punishment of Luxury at Camden's "Music Machine" now some dance place (Shame, it was a good venue) and they didn't let me down.

Their first album "Laughing Academy" is rated but unfortunately I have never got hold of a copy, anyone out there got a copy?

Band: Punishment of Luxury
Year: 1979
Label: Small Wonder
1. Puppet Life
2. The Demon

ripped from glorious scratched vinyl to inferior mp3

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