Tuesday 5 August 2014

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Metal Shadow (Bootleg)

The Scream for me was always Siouxsie's best album. It was raw and dark, and nothing like their first single "Hong Kong Garden"

I think I played this bootleg as much (if not more) than the Scream. So if you do like this go out and buy "The Scream", you will not be disappointed (see link as usual at the bottom).

Please note this is not a concert bootleg but some early studio cuts.

1. Love In A Void
2. Metal Postcard
3. Suburban Relapse
4. Mirage
5. Carcass
6. Overground

Side B
1. Helter Skelter
2. Hong Kong Garden
3. Make Up and Break Up
4. Love and Romance
5. Carcass (II)
6. Love and a Void (II)

Ripped from glorious (not too) scratched vinyl

If you like this, then buy this. There is a cheaper version, but this deluxe edition includes a few John peel sessions.
The Scream [Deluxe Edition]
The Scream [Deluxe Edition]


Anonymous said...

Thankd for Metal Shadow, I agree The Scream is their best album I bought the deluxe CD because my vinyl copy eventually wore out.

Great site btw

European Son

Punkzer0 said...

Hi European Son thanks for your comment. The same happened to me but when I bought my replacement the deluxe version wasn't available.

sewer rat said...

I used to have this album but the cover was Sioux onstage with the 'tits' tee shirt on and a guy with a tiger's head on the back cover. is there any way you could we transfer this to my email address....I've long since lost the album