Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Lurkers - Shadow

The Lurkers were one of my favorite bands, and "Shadow" was one my favorite singles.

Many people will recognise the simple riff at the beginning.

The Lurkers and their fans known as the Lurker Liggers came from around Kingston, Putney and Fulham.

We used to hang around Howard Walls (Lead singer) house in Walton-on-Thames playing records (never the Lurkers). It was Howard who introduced me to Johnny Thunders and George Thorogood, not really punk but excellent music, I recommend you try them.

I can remember Howard saying that the only time people printed their lyrics was if they were good, which is strange now as the lyrics to "Shadow" and the b-side "Love Story" are on the back cover (high resolution scan included in the download) and reading them now, I wonder what he thinks of them.

None the less Shadow is one of the great Punk classics.

Band: The Lurkers
Year: 1977
Label: beggars Banquet
1. Shadow
2. Love Story

So ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

The Lurkers have two albums I would recommend you buy:
Fulham Fallout
Fulham Fallout
God's Lonely Men
God's Lonely Men
and one singles album:
Beggars Banquet Singles Collection
Beggars Banquet Singles Collection


C B said...

This is a cool single. I didn't know I was listening to a cover when the SF band "the Rip Offs" played "shadow" on their LP in 1994.


Punkzer0 said...

HI Chris, I've never heard of the Rip Offs. I will have to look them up. Is their cover of Shadow readily available?

John Medd said...

Text book punk. What's not to like? I even bought Fulham Fallout many many years later when it emerged on CD.